Mixing Business With Pleasure: 4 Ways to Wear the Black Blazer

Posted January 25, 2013 by Baaba Grant-Acquah in Building Your Brand
If you watched the recent Golden Globes, you may have noticed Amy Poehler wearing a black blazer without a shirt on the red carpet. Now I don’t suggest styling your blazer this way, but I do suggest taking Amy’s cue and incorporating the black blazer into your career looks.

In an effort to start wearing more of my current wardrobe, I find myself recreating previous outfits and adding a black ┬áblazer for an instant update. Black blazers aren’t just for interviews and meetings, they work well in a lot of different settings. How do you wear your black blazer?


The Black Blazer: Black & White
Black Blazer
Black Blazer
Black Blazer

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