Do You Want to be a Success? Or a Revolutionary?

Posted July 27, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

There is even a revolution taking place in revolutions. The upsurges sweeping the Middle East are harbingers of change.  Social media didn’t cause the Arab Spring, injustice did.  Social media didn’t create the revolutions – they were created by a new generation that no longer wanted to be subjects.  But just like the Internet drops collaboration costs in business, so it drops the costs of dissent, rebellion and even insurrection.

This incredible quote comes from the commencement speech at INSEAD this Spring given by Don Tapscott, a renowned author and speaker on the subject of innovation and technology. Think about the first sentence of that quote. “There is eve a revolution taking place in revolutions.” And here’s the question you have to ask yourself, just like these graduates will ask themselves….do you want to be successful? Or do you want to be a revolutionary?

You can start something. You can change something. You can revolutionize something. But you can’t do it from a cubicle wearing a suit and typing in your Excel spreadsheet. How, then, does Don Tapscott recommend we all become business revolutionaries. He tells us in his speech – “Seven Imperatives for Highly Successful Business Revolutionaries.” And while Tapscott gives incredible advice, here’s what struck me most:

Don’t just be a student of the world.  Take action. Figure out how you can affect this transformation outside of work.  Even though it doesn’t directly contribute to your immediate prosperity, make a deep commitment your community, to politics, to an advocacy group.  Get organized to bring about change. Doing so will enrich you and teach your children well about the responsibilities we each have to help less fortunate and to improve the state of the world.  You are the first ever global generation so bring your legitimate aspirations and hope for the future to the table. Join in with millions of others form around the world to make this an age of promise fulfilled.

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