Be Your Own Spokesperson

Posted March 14, 2013 by Lauren McCabe Herpich in Building Your Brand
Photo Courtesy: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

Photo Courtesy: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis

I’ll admit that I sometimes buy things based on a celebrity endorsement or spokesperson. I tend to use Neutrogena makeup not only because I like how the foundation feels on my face, but also because I’ve wanted to be Jennifer Garner since her days kicking butt as a spy on Alias. I’ve also noticed that I only have Visa cards in my wallet and wonder if it’s because I hear the trusted voice of Morgan Freeman cheering on Olympic athletes every time I charge it. “Go world!”

As the owner of a small business I like to dream about the day when Why Not Girl! could be represented by a powerful woman who embodies that “be true to yourself and say Why Not!” spirit. Could I hire Ellen DeGeneres or Jennifer Hudson? Perhaps even first lady Michelle Obama could tape a commercial for me one day. (She already does more push-ups than I could ever do!)

But even when that day comes, I know it is up to me to be the primary spokesperson for my business and my personal brand, whether or not you own your own business. According to spokesperson expert Deb Durham, president of the Spokespersons Plus Network, a spokesperson plays one of the most important parts in the success of you and your business. A spokesperson:

  • Builds brand equity with credibility
  • Builds consumer awareness for a brand
  • Positions a brand in the consumer’s mind
  • Educates consumers
  • Reinforces a brand’s identity

Think about it, with all of these responsibilities who better to rely on to be the advocate for your brand’s success than you? You know yourself and your business best. So toot your own horn and envision the day when Oprah is telling the world about you. You’ll be your very own favorite thing.

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Lauren's life has definitely consisted of a series of adventures, or as she would like to call them: Why Nots! She recently left her digital marketing position at a Fortune 100 company to take the risk of entrepreneurship and start Why Not Girl!, a website empowering women to try new things, live life as an adventure and say Why Not! Lauren holds a Masters of Integrated Marketing Communication from Northwestern University's Medill School and Bachelors in Journalism and Media Arts from the University of Arizona. You can get inspired to say Why Not! in your own life by visiting Why Not Girl! at