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Posted April 12, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

In my opinion, the best companies in the world not only sell product well, but treat customers with respect and care. And many of those great companies offer “freemiums” to their customers, a perk I’m happy to take advantage of with a number of companies, but none so happy as with

I’ve been a fan of for years, loving their paper products and other stationery. But more than that, I’m a fan of what gives away for free.

Every month, features a free digital calendar. It matches the season, and is a great addition to any phone or computer background. They ensure the background will fit any computer screen, iPhone, iPad, and Android phone. Below is their April background, adorable! Check back on the first of the month on their Facebook for a new background every month.

Click here to visit the Facebook Page with April’s background. Like them today and find more “freemiums” all the time.

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