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Posted March 4, 2013 by Monica O'Connell in Life After Five

These past few weeks I’ve been talking about ways to take care of yourself which follows perfectly after the shame series.  Self-care is such a shame buster and If you’ve been following Rebecca Niziol’s Fear Series like I have you know it’s a fear buster too. It’s how we continuously build self trust. Why is self trust important? We can finally believe that we’ve got our own backs.  That no matter what happens, we will always be our own number one fan instead of our greatest enemy.  Self-trust allows us to take those mega huge risks we know will get us to the next level.

A self-care tool that competes as one of the greats options for me is mediation. It’s totally of my list of the self-care needs I have daily.   I am in no ways a meditation guru and am certainly learning as I go.  Some days, I meditate for 3 minutes.  Other days I meditate for 30 minutes depending on how much room I’ve created in my schedule.  The changes I’ve noticed include increase patience, better sleep, more self-awareness, more self compassion and compassion for others. Marcy wrote a case for it last year.

You don’t have to believe us. I’ve brought in some popular names to back me up:

  • Jack Kornfield: “Meditation is a mirror, it shows you who you are.”
  • Andrew Weil: Meditation benefits include lowered blood pressure, relief of chronic pain and enhancement of immune system.
  • Dr. Oz : “Meditation has positive effects on immunity, stress management and sleep. The state of your body and the state of your mind are inextricably linked.”
  • Ellen Degeneres: “It helps me feel good and recharges me.”
  • Tara Brach: “Benefits of meditation? Less suffering, more happiness and peace. Less judgment, more kindness towards myself and others. Less preoccupation, more moments of presence.”

Are you with me yet? One of the barriers to trying something new is not knowing where to get started. Good thing Deepak Chopra can help! He runs 21 day meditations about once every three months.  They’re FREE! And you can access them that day or they stay stored for a week. This time around, Oprah Winfrey is joining him.

This  21 day Meditation challenge starts March 11th.  Register online and the meditations come into your email inbox daily once it starts.

Will you join me? I’m already signed up. If you sign up- let me know and we can check in on each other. I loved the past ones Deepak Chopra has done and I’m excited to hear what Oprah is bringing to the table.

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