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Posted September 15, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in Life After Five

A little time with the girls can recharge you after a long week. You get to let go, relax, and share what’s going on in your life with the people who know you best. But just like any relationship, your friendships can fall into a rut. You start to get tired of doing the same few things every week — dinners, happy hours, spa days. After awhile, everyone gets comfortable and forgets to think outside the box.

So what are some other great things you can do with your girlfriends this weekend? Gena Kaufman posted “5 Fun Ways to Mix Up Your Next Girls’ Night” on She makes a few fun suggestions, including:

“Returning TV Smackdown.” With the new fall seasons premiering, there are plenty of new shows to watch. Order in some great food, mix a few cocktails, and settle in for the evening. Kaufman suggests picking three new shows and recording them, then deciding which one is your favorite.

 “Crafternoon.” DIY activities are huge right now, so try out one of the projects you’ve always wanted to try. Go shopping for supplies and have the girls over for the afternoon.

 “Seasonal outdoor activities.” There’s a lot of great outdoor activities you can do in the fall. You can go biking or hiking at a local forest preserve, or find a place to go apple picking. In October, head out to a pumpkin patch and spend an afternoon carving pumpkins. It’s also a good time to head out to festivals, since it’s not too hot anymore. Check your city’s website for ideas.

If these activities don’t sound like something you’d do, jump online and do a little research to see what local events are going on. As a writer, I like to attend book signings and readings with friends. Tailor your night to your interests. And if there’s something you’re dying to do, but you’re friends seem unenthused, check out — there’s a group for just about everything. Making new friends with similar interests is always a good thing, even if it means you have to attend something for the first time alone.

Check out the rest of Kaufman’s tips here, and feel free to share with us some of your best girls’ night ideas.

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