The Blow Dryer That Saved Me

Posted May 5, 2014 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
This post begins with two rather personal confessions, but hey, it’s blogging right? Some of you have been reading this girl’s personal confessions for YEARS!

First personal confession:

In high school, I was in love with a Muslim boy. We met in high school and I fell madly in love with him. But he told me immediately he could never “date” me, because religiously, that’s just not how things worked for him. He told me about the concept of “courting” and how taboo it would be for him to court a girl who was not Muslim herself. So we remained platonic until a brief period in college (sorry mom) where I was so madly in love with this person, I actually considered religious conversion until this man and I had one deal-breaking conversation. He told me that his future wife (whether that be myself or someone else) would need to cover her hair. I freaked. My hair? My HAIR?!! I could never cover my hair. My hair is my thang, friend. No possible way. After that conversation, the relationship fizzled and went back to being a proud cafeteria Catholic.

Second personal confession:

My hair contributes massively to my mood and my confidence. I realize it shoudn’t – that I should be confident no matter what my head loosk like – but it does. I have thick, curly, coarse hair – the kind of hair that hairdressers have actually refused to cut because it’s “too hard to deal with.” Yup. But on a good hair day, my hair is enviable. I can stretch a professional blow out up to 5 days at times, and when professionally blown out, I feel like a Tressemme model. On a bad day, I look like a poodle. And like every woman’s hair days, they seem to go in a sequence of bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, good, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, good. Right? And on the bad hair days, I have a bad day. It’s just how it goes.

But recently, my hate and sometimes love relationship with my hair has changed thanks to one ridiculously expensive item – Buttercup! She’s pictured below….



The hardest thing about my hair type is actually getting it dry. My hair takes at least 40 minutes, usually an hour, to style if I want to blow it out straight. It takes 20-30 minutes just to get it dry and then another 20-30 minute to flat iron it in sections. Naturally, you can assume that I don’t do this often! Instead, I leave my hair curly and end up looking like a poodle at any small sign of wind or rain.

Recently, I started hearing about DryBar – a blow dry bar that is sweeping the nation. DryBar opened their first Chicago location this winter, and their proprietary tools sold at Sephora started to catch my eye last fall. I read every review, watched every YouTube video, and ultimately decided to bite the bullet on the Buttercup blow dryer.

I’m not going to lie, when I walked into Sephora and bought a $190 blow dryer, I felt CRAZY! I thought, “Seriously, how is this any different than my $20 Revlon? It can’t be!” But I was desperate. After one too many days this winter in a new corporate job where I looked like a poodle by 2:00pm, I would do anything for a change in my hair.

And here are the results:

  • The first day I used Buttercup, I timed it. Drumroll please……14 minutes! In 14 minutes, my hair was not only dry, but beautifully straight. Instead of having to then go back and flat iron piece by piece, I only had to flat iron the top section to make my hair look fabulously sleek.
  • The second day I used Buttercup, I timed it again. Including my flat ironing time…..9 minutes! This, for me, was a miracle. Less than 10 minutes and my  hair looked healthier and better than ever.
  • The third day, I was at work for the first time, and the Buttercup’s 10 minutes or less allowed me to sleep in longer and feel better throughout the day.

Like so many women, I’ve spent years in this love/hate relationship with my hair. It’s been awful. This hair dryer didn’t just make my hair better, it makes me better. I feel more confident when I know that my hair looks and feels great. Maybe it’s shallow, maybe it’s simple, but it means a lot to me.

So am I recommending everyone go out and buy the Buttercup? Not necessarily. Here’s what I am recommending:

  • If you have an issue with your fashion or beauty, don’t be afraid to spend what might feel like exorbitant money to ensure you can eliminate that issue. It might be an expensive skin care line that changes your acne situation, it might be a very expensive blow dryer, it might be something entirely different. But don’t feel guilty! When I think of the time and effort this baby will save me, it’s well worth $190 plus some!
  • Research! I took the time to find out about this product and didn’t just impulse buy it. Ask for help from your stylist or esthetician with expensive beauty purchases.
  • Know what “your thing” is – for me, it’s my hair. It’s the reason I would even give up love (or 19 year old infatuation). Because I knew it was “my thing.” Know what “your thing” is when it comes to your look and splurge on it!

If you do want to buy Buttercup, check out QVC or Sephora, both have great packages and often have sales that can apply here. This blow dryer saved me time and it absolutely saves my confidence every single day. Well worth the price of admission.



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