Bob Harper Accepts No Excuses

Posted June 5, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Bob Harper has cemented his reputation as one of the top fitness trainers in America with his work on The Biggest Loser, multiple DVD releases, celebrity appearances at gyms all over the country, and more. His can-do attitude and motivating spirit have made him America’s best motivator, and last season on The Biggest Loser was no exception. The theme: “No Excuses” – something Bob championed with the contestants every week.

Bob Harper recently spoke to Erin Gulden, contributing writer at My Optum Health and told her this about “No Excuses”:

Q: The latest season of The Biggest Loser is called “No Excuses.” What excuses do you hear most often from people who have become out of shape? What is your advice for overcoming those barriers?

A: I have heard them all—I have no time. If I could be on your show I could lose weight. If I had you as a trainer. If I could have someone cooking all my food. I can’t get motivated. These are just a few of the excuses I have heard throughout the years and all I have to say is that those excuses are what is holding you back from the lifestyle that you deserve to have. When you really begin to look at in that way, hopefully it will get you to pull those “road blocks” out of your path to a healthier and happier life.

To read more of Bob’s interview with Erin and his Q&A with her, visit My Optum Health and the article “Bob Harper Accepts No Excuses.”

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