Bored With Being Bored?

Posted October 14, 2013 by Monica O'Connell in Life After Five
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It’s annoying to me sometimes when writers write about writers block.  The blog is usually tangential, pointless, and I’m left wanting more of what I usually expect from the writer. I’m going to write to you about writers block. Yep, I’m going to be that person. I’ve got writers block like whoa. I feel like I’ve got nothing to say to y’all and it’s going nowhere, fast.

So I’m going to be the one who tells you something is annoying and does it anyways.

Writers block, being uninspired and/or being bored with a habit is normal.

Let’s start with being bored of a habit.

Lots of people start off super psyched for their new project (Go knitting! Go house remodeling! Go new exercise plan! You get the point).  And after putting in some good hours, blood, sweat and/or tears, something changes.  It moves from being this new adventure into being an old, boring adventure sometimes.

This is really where you decide it’s importance and re-evaluate the amount of effort you’re willing to put into it.  Maybe you wanted repaint your whole house and after one room of painting, you’re good with that eggshell color in the living room and you’ll just leave it alone.  Maybe it’s super important for you to be committed to your health and wellness so you’re going to keep working out but you’ve gotta try another class because being on a treadmill is like watching paint dry.

Being uninspired is another twist on this.

For this writing stuff, I feel like I’ve been writing about the same stuff, different day.  I’m really noticing that I need to expand my lens, I’m sick of myself.  I’m not inspired at all.  What’s the remedy? Go get a community of support.  Find really smart people who know tons about the area in which you’d like to grow. For me, it’s talking to other writers/bloggers and reading lots and lots more than I already am. The expert in knitting items for babies and the group that meets every week to knit together.  A yoga teacher who has practiced for 10+ years knows a thing or two about the habit of returning to the mat.

Another piece of this I’ve seen come into play is where perfectionism meets shame. They become fast friends. Then starts the judging of performance with the expectation that it’s perfect or some where near perfect.  This usually happens through comparison. I bet ALL of the best writers on Career Girl Network don’t have this same problem, how embarrassing that you do, for example.  I bet all of the good yogis don’t oversleep or choose happy hour over their practice.

So listen, we know those aren’t true , but they do start to feel as if they might be true. Jump off of that train, fast.  Everyone has different versions of needing to become re-inspired in a habit.  Some people complain more about it than others (Me? I’m a talker).

If something that you’re doing is important to you, you’re willing to do the work of jumping over that boulder of boredom, lack of inspiration and to kick perfectionism in the face.

Find your people who will help you with that. Thanks for being my people.  

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