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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted October 20, 2014 by Marie Arcidiacono in Life After Five
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (as well as Disability Awareness month in case you were curious).

Breast cancer is a cause that is near and dear to my heart as both of my grandmothers are breast cancer survivors. Full disclosure: It definitely worries me to know that breast cancer has genetic traits and that both my grandmothers have had breast cancer.

Instead of WebMd-ing myself into stress about my odds of having breast cancer in my lifetime and other scary ailments I try to be proactive in the race for a cure for breast cancer. I also try to stay on top of my own health.

Knowing my risk for breast cancer is slightly higher than my peers without paternal and maternal grandmothers who have had breast cancer I made sure to talk to my doctor about when I would need to start getting a mammogram and what to check for on a regular basis prior to my first mammogram. Since my risk is slightly higher I’ll start getting a mammogram sooner than most of my girlfriends but I still have a few years before the “girls” have to get squished–ouch!

I also think it’s important to donate when I can to breast cancer research. For me this is easy, I try to find races or events where proceeds from the event go directly to breast cancer research. You can find events near you with a simple Google search. Just make sure you investigate the organization and event to find out just how much of your money is going directly to the cause and/or research.

Spreading awareness is also important. While some people are not a fan of the “Wear Pink Ribbons” idea for me it is something I support. I have purchased countless ribbon memorabilia, tank tops, shirts, etc. and I would have to say my favorite top I have is my, “Save the Ta-tas” shirt, a close runner up is my, “Pink Swag” tank top. They are great conversation starters, especially when it comes to spreading awareness about the fight against breast cancer.

I love that during the month of October many (major) sports teams do their part in raising awareness by sporting “Pink”  because awareness and getting people to talk about getting screened for breast cancer is the first step in the race for a cure.

I think it’s great that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but let’s keep the dialogue going for what we can do to aid in the fight against breast cancer all year long.

Here are two great websites that I consult:  National Breast Cancer  and The American Cancer Society

In the comments share with me your thoughts or stories.


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