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Posted July 11, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

A blog called recently profiled entrepreneur Charisse Conanan, the Founder and CEO of Smarteys. And while Charisse’s company is incredible, and her ideas about paycheck planning are revolutionary for millennials, what struck me most about this interview was one quote Charisse shared about her business philosophy and the corporate culture she’s fostering at Smarteys. Charisse said:

Bring your whole, fun self to work!

Consultants around the world spend their lives, and companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to identify what factors in company culture might retain employees. And individuals spend their lives trying to figure out how to get to that intangible place where they really, truly love their jobs. What if it’s this simple? What if Charisse’s idea is just this simple? Bring your whole, fun self to work.

Dissect her quote a little.

  • Do you show up at work with your whole self every day? Do you give everything you can when you go to work and lay it all out on the table?
  • Do you bring your fun side to work? Or do you leave fun at the door and put on your “I’m a professional” face every day?
  • What about the combination? Do you have days during the week where you not only show up with your whole self, but you also show up with your fun self? Think about how powerful this combination could be.

Try it for yourself this week – bring your whole self and your fun self in tandem, don’t leave either at the door. It’s worth a shot, right? You may just find yourself loving your job. And if you’re interested in more of Charisse’s insights and advice, she’s worth hearing about. Listen to Charisse’s full interview with by clicking here.

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