Build Your Confidence by Changing Your Mindset

Posted July 24, 2013 by Rebecca Niziol in On the Ladder

She walks into a room and you can feel her power. She’s strong, yet graceful. She holds her own and carries an ease with her. You are instantly drawn to her, and want to know her secret. She’s the woman who seems to have it all, but you can’t put your finger on what it is that’s so alluring about her.

She is the definition of confidence. Not a cocky over-bearing self-assurance, she exudes a humble and gracious sense of peace with who she is and whatever she does.

Confidence is often considered the #1 most important factor in success. Beyond talent, education, connections, or intelligence, this is the quality that can make or break your ability to thrive in life. Without it your work, relationships, and ability to lead your own life suffers. Because confidence comes from within, rather from your external realities, you have the ability to tap into this inner power whenever you want. You don’t have to have a great body, lots of money, or be the best in the world at something.

True confidence is about embracing who you are, owning your gifts, and trusting yourself.

Whether you believe it or not, there’s an expert inside of you, that when listened to always knows how to solve the problem with fearlessness. That part of you knows you have everything you need to succeed. Call it your intuition, or inner wisdom. It’s there, and you have the power to utilize it whenever you like.

Tap into that power with these 5 mindset shifts for more confidence:

  1. “I am always given the skills, resources, and time I need to succeed.” It’s amazing how often I hear my clients doubt their ability to succeed at the very thing they were made to do. Remember you live in a supportive universe, and have or will be given what you need in order to live out your purpose.
  2. “I am doing my best right now, and that is enough.” You are perfect as you are, but sometimes we spend an awful lot of time worrying about trying to be better. This constant chase for perfection leaves us feeling like we need to change or fixed. It keeps you expending a lot of thought and energy towards “what could be.” Yes, you want to evolve and transform. But in this moment you are everything you need to be, and you are doing everything you can. Let that be enough.
  3. “I am part of a greater plan to elevate the world around me.” You have a purpose. You are here to make a positive impact in the world. You are a piece in a very large and complex puzzle that allows us to evolve each day. Recognize that your choices, thoughts, and actions have the ability to touch many lives around you… that is powerful. Use your power for a greater good.
  4. “I am my best when I embrace who I am.” No one else gets to live your life. You have the honor of taking your gifts and unique skill-set and rocking them out in the world. Why try to pretend to be anyone else, or something that you’re not? This is the life you have to live. This is the body you have to live it in. This is the mind you think with. Make the most of it!
  5. “I create my reality.” Maybe you create connections or experiences. Perhaps you create art or communities. I’d like to think you create love, abundance, and happiness. You can create whatever want, therefore you are a creator. Creators are the most powerful beings on the planet, because they shape the world they live in. Create the life you want, and then go live it.

When you recognize your own greatness, you will be humbled. That is confidence.


About the Author

Rebecca Niziol

Rebecca Niziol, ELI-MP, is many things: a life coach, yoga teacher, dancer, event planner, connection catalyst, and your new best friend. Her mission is to empower others to live the authentic life of their dreams. After years of traveling North America and Europe, she is happy to have found a home and community in Chicago.