Can You Change Your Life in 15 Days?

Posted April 29, 2013 by Guest Writer in On the Ladder

Today’s morning post comes to you from Tiara International and is all about their upcoming “15 Days to Wow” Program. Get involved! Who is Tiara? Tiara International LLC s a global company providing women’s leadership development. We offer coaching, consulting and speaking services to help you grow as a leader — in your work, your community and your life.


Can you change your life in 15 days?

We think you can. In a way it’s simple as 1-2-3, right?

  1. Know what you want next in life.
  2. Identify the most effective and fun actions to take to get there.
  3. Take those actions.

For example if you search on “moving to Italy” you will see a straight-forward 13-step wikiHow that outlines what to do to move to Italy. Something that seems like a courageous leap into a new life can be pared down into a simple 1-2-3 … list. Check it out. If you followed these steps you would move to Italy.

Yet we know life changes are more complex. They are complicated because they challenge deep-seated beliefs, well-practiced habits and outdated commitments. At Tiara we know habits run deep. We say we want an uptick in business sales yet we don’t show up in the office or at our computer. We say we want to be strong and ready for our first triathlon while we hit the snooze button. We say we want a new job while we invest all our time and energy in our current one without taking any actions to find new opportunities. Are we crazy?

No. We are just practiced at generating our current level of result. It takes patience, focus and support to change direction or reach a new level. It takes repeated practice to actually gain momentum and realize that you are operating in a whole new way. It takes willingness to let go, be wrong, row, try something new, be vulnerable, be successful or move on. The question we think is more interesting is not “can you change”? It’s “will you change”?

This can seem overwhelming, so one of our favorite approaches is to break it down into 15 day chunks. What do you know you need to change about your life? What can you try for 15 days?

If you need support we offer it in three ways.

The 15 Days program and Twitter Chats  are led by Tiara Leader Elizabeth Ruske who is passionate about leading your life powerfully — 15 days at a time. If you try our coaching session, you will be matched with one of these top quality global coaches based on your focus.

Now is the time. Be willing to go for it in May. We will support you.


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