Car Free and Cable Free

Posted January 21, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Moving to Chicago made us many things – but two huge cuts happened for me. I am car free (wooooooohooooo) and cable free. And while the car free portion of this deal hasn’t been so bad…the cable free portion ebbs and flows.

Pros of being cable free:

  • I still maintain Hulu and Netflix subscriptions. And with my genius boyfriend setting up our Mac mini connected to our 40″ TV, I don’t have to worry about watching on a teeny tiny screen.
  • More time to read and explore Chicago – rather than glued to some ridiculous show.
  • I’ve actually discovered more new shows without cable than I would have with cable. I’ve gotten into FOX’s Lie to Me, and I’ve been watching more 20/20 and Nightly News than ever before, as it’s readily available on Hulu.
  • I’ve seen more movies – both in the theater and on Netflix. It was fun to watch the Golden Globes having seen almost every nominated film.
  • Can’t forget the money. Taking our Comcast bill from $115 to $25 is pretty awesome. Internet only, kids.

Cons of being cable free:

  • The shows that aren’t on Hulu. Names, Oprah, everything on OWN, and American Idol…to name a few. Specifically American Idol. The auditions are my favorite part of the season, and I was really looking forward to J-Lo and Steven. Sad face.
  • There are only so many times a week you can scroll through Netflix looking for a movie before it makes you want to give up and die without entertainment.
  • Getting addicted to shows that are 3-4 seasons in….which means I could (and may or may not have) watch 30+ episodes of Lie to Me in less than a week…..hmmmm.
  • No DVR. Nuff said.

So what’s the verdict? Will I go back to a car? No way! Will I go back to cable…..ummmm, maybe. Ask me again next month.

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