The Perfect Hairdryer and Stylish Scarves: A Career Girl Holiday Wish List

Posted December 17, 2012 by Monica O'Connell in Life After Five

I have to start by saying that I’m an annoying person to shop for and I don’t make it easy for a person. I’m someone whose Love Language is far from gifts. When asked what I want, my reply is usually snuggles, love, and peace on Earth. Handwritten cards make my heart sing. However, that would make a boring holiday guide, so I’ll also tell you about the products I love. I love learning about what out people love because it totally influences my purchases — so keep me posted on your fav products!

  • Liv Lane Cards. Totally swoon-worthy and a great addition to those handwritten cards I was referencing earlier. I saw that someone framed a few of them and hung them up. They’re super cute!
  • Nest products. I started my infatuation with these at the salon where I get my eyebrows waxed, Extrados.  (MN people, this place is the best! I’d totally recommend all of the ladies and super affordable.) The fragrance of these products fill the room in the most lovely way. I put the sample lotion on and for the rest of the day, I am a happier person. I bought mine from Extrados but the link is for Amazon. I love all of the smells but the grapefruit is my favorite.
  • FashionABLE scarvesThese are adorable and people compliment me whenever I’m wearing them. Best part? The company is committed to creating sustainable businesses for women in Africa. So great! The striped ones are so cute.
  • A blow dryer. I don’t have a link for this because I’d love your help. I have a lot of hair and it’s thick. Anyone have any pointers on the best one to get that will dry my hair faster? 30 minutes is not reasonable!
  • Tiny DevotionsAmazing jewelry with meaning behind it is the best kind! I’ve given these to friends and they love them!

Tell me please, what’s on your wish list?

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