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Posted November 21, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
I can remember the first time I ever threw away a pair of shoes and most other women can, too. It was probably one of those pairs of plastic Barbie or Princess shoes from Walmart that you begged your mom to buy you and they broke in about an hour, right? But at that moment, we’re trained to think that shoes are disposable. We spent our childhoods growing out of them, passing them on to siblings or friends or Goodwill, and now we spend our adulthood throwing trends in the trash and broken heels out the door.

But at some point we need to grow up and buy some real shoes that last! So today, we’re giving you three types of shoes every professional woman needs and three amazing brands we promise will last you YEARS beyond your imagination!

Check them out….


The “Every Day” Pump

Every woman in the world needs a classic black pump (or at least 90% of us do). And whether you have three pairs of shoes or 100, you’ll want to invest in a pair that will last. The worst thing in the world is spending money on a classic shoe and having the heel scuff up, the sides bow in, and your feet look jacked the moment you wear them. For me, there’s none better in the land of black pumps than Stuart Weitzman. And while the ones pictured below are a cool $345 at, take some advice from me and go check out ebay! In 2005, in preparation for the rehearsal dinner for my first wedding, I bought a pair of Stuart’s from ebay for $55, and I still wear them regularly today. I’ve never even had to replace a heel!

Classic Flats

I’ve had this pair of DKNYC Sophie Active Flats in my shoe wardrobe since 2006 and they still look brand new. DKNYC is a middle of the road price range brand, and it lasts for-ev-er! Pick these up for $75 at Macy’s. When I think about cost per wear on these, I’m down to pennies.









Great Rain Boots

If you live in a city, you probably see women everywhere running around in their Hunter Boots. And while they’re fantastic, they also come at a bigger price than many of us are willing to pay for shoes we use to walk through mud puddles. A great alternative is the Sperry brand. You can find them at Zappos or Macy’s and many other stores. The ones below are a beautiful quilted patent, and a mere $78 at

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