Dressing for Success
Neutrals & Animal Prints

Career Girl Weekend Wear : Neutrals & Animal Prints

I’ve always been a fan of animal print, but I believe a little can go a long way. If you’re looking to take your weekend wardrobe up a notch, try mixing neutrals and animal prints.   I love this combination becaus...

Summer Dresses for Work

3 Tips on How to Wear Summer Dresses to Work

  The one thing I love more than summer sandals, are summer dresses.  When the weather gets scorching hot, I love throwing on an easy breezy summer dress. When it comes to wearing summer dresses to work, here are 3 tips t...


Midi Skirts for the Office: 3 Ways

Left to Right:  1) Shirt – Tory Burch, Skirt – Topshop, Clutch – vintage, Shoes – Casedei 2) Sweater – J.Crew, Skirt – Marni, Shoes – Strap Heels, Tote – Michael Kors 3) Blouse &...


Transitioning Your Wardrobe for Summer

Summertime is finally here. And while we’ve spent the last two seasons complaining and waiting for summer to come, high temperatures are accompanied by their own set of problems. Inevitably, every year, women ’round...


10 Great Spring & Summer Jackets Under $150

If you looking for a great item to layer over your Spring & Summer dress, tanks &  blouses, and you’re tired of wearing the same cardigans, try a a lightweight jacket.  My favorite jacket for Spring & Summer...

shopping girl

5 Steps to a Refreshing May Makeover

Oh boy, do I ever need a makeover. I’m down almost twenty  pounds from the last time I went shopping, so my clothes are too big. I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since I-don’t-know-when, and my hair is gr...


The Rise of the “Power Flat”

There has long been a notion in the world of women in business that if you want to look and feel powerful, put on a great pair of pumps. They make you taller, improve your posture, and can improve your confidence. Unfortunately...


4 Ways to Know if You Have FOYOC Syndrome

This tragic disease strikes 1 out of every 3.8 women between the ages of 11 and 67 in America. On any given day, 10,982,120,596 trillion women and girls are plagued with this debilitating disease. And, the saddest part? No real...

Pencil Skirt

1 Item 3 Ways: The Pencil Skirt

Has your pencil skirt and blouse combo got you in a rut? This pencil skirt from J Crew is flexible and stylish. Pair it with the right accessories for instant updates. Here are 3 ways to wear this chic skirt:      


How to Wear Chambray to the Office

Left to Right:  1)  J.Crew chambray shirt, Johnathan Saunders skirt, Tory Burch tote, Stuart Weitzman shoes 2) J.Crew shirt, Tory Burch jacket, Red Valentino pants, Michael Kors clutch, Karen Millen shoes 3) J.Crew shirt, Zar...