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All Black Everything: 10 Stylish Black Items Under $100

With Halloween just around the corner, its the perfect time to wear that all black ensemble. Here are 10 stylish black items to get you started. If you’re not into the all black look and just love a great pair of black s...


The Only Three Job Interview Questions That Matter

You have a big job interview coming up. You’ve practiced answering questions based on the “Situation/Behavior/Outcome” model. You’ve researched the company and you’re prepared to ask smart question...


6 Tips To Help You Be Brilliant

Good Afternoon To You All. This is my first article for Career Girl Network, having been an avid follower for a year.  I write to you from Malawi in South East Africa where I run a coaching business doing what I love from a pl...


3 Ways to Recover After Making an Ass of Yourself

I’m not proud of this, but I was a first rate bitch last week. I flew into a lovely regional airport ASSUMING a three-hour transportation window was sufficient time to get to the client site 49 MILES AWAY. Granted, not a shor...


Fall Fashion Favorites

Fall is without a doubt the best time of the year.  I mean, when else can you sit outside in your cozy scarf and sweater while watching the leaves fall and sipping on a delicious pumpkin spice latte? It is simply the best seas...

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All I Do Is Win: Your Resume Should Reflect Your Achievements

Once upon a time, in my hijinks as a hiring manager, I would put ads out for new staff. Inevitably, I would end up drowning in resumes, many of which did not even remotely fit the qualifications I needed. Many would be complete...


Is Your Job Making You Tired? Here’s How To Fix That.

Recently, a lot of random people have been talking to me about their work in a negative way. They are tired of work. They are stressed by work. They are just plain exhausted…by work. And I GET it.  No matter how much you...


LOL Cat Lessons: Learning from Memes

  CGN is delighted to host Lindsay Bosch, a Program Officer for the Association of  College and Research Libraries | American Library Association, as this week’s guest contributor. “In marketing, attention is t...


Which Celebrity’s Personality Do You Match Most?[INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you ever taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator? For short, the MBTI? If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a common personality test taking by students and professionals worldwide. It can measure your personality traits ...


10 Fabulous Fall Jackets

Looking to stay chic and keep warm in the falling fall temps?  A fabulous fall jacket is a must. Whether you’re into trends or like the classics try one of these 10 fabulous fall jackets.