Building Your Brand

The Rise of the “Power Flat”

There has long been a notion in the world of women in business that if you want to look and feel powerful, put on a great pair of pumps. They make you taller, improve your posture, and can improve your confidence. Unfortunately...


Are You a Feminist?

The simple question, Are you a feminist? never occupied much space in my mind. Of course, I am. What woman isn’t? would have been my spontaneous response. It never occurred to me some women might posses a different op...


4 Ways to Know if You Have FOYOC Syndrome

This tragic disease strikes 1 out of every 3.8 women between the ages of 11 and 67 in America. On any given day, 10,982,120,596 trillion women and girls are plagued with this debilitating disease. And, the saddest part? No real...


4 Questions to Start Building Your Personal Brand

There has been a lot of “buzz” about the importance of having a personal brand, – what does that really mean? Depending on what you read and who you talk to, it can mean many things, but one thing is certain: ...

Pencil Skirt

1 Item 3 Ways: The Pencil Skirt

Has your pencil skirt and blouse combo got you in a rut? This pencil skirt from J Crew is flexible and stylish. Pair it with the right accessories for instant updates. Here are 3 ways to wear this chic skirt:      


How to Wear Chambray to the Office

Left to Right:  1)  J.Crew chambray shirt, Johnathan Saunders skirt, Tory Burch tote, Stuart Weitzman shoes 2) J.Crew shirt, Tory Burch jacket, Red Valentino pants, Michael Kors clutch, Karen Millen shoes 3) J.Crew shirt, Zar...


Embracing Wabi-sabi: Be a Little Crazy

You know this person. They’ll say or do anything to make you happy. They probably agree with whatever you just said. They go out of their way to fit into your group or be like you. It’s annoying, because you know it’s fak...

Mother's Day Gifts

Chic Accessories That Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is a great time to finalize your Mother’s Day gifts.  Chic accessories can make great gifts for any mother. My mother is my fashion icon and I definitely get my sense o...


What Your Breakout Says About Your Life

The photo below has been floating around Pinterest for the last few weeks, and intrigued me each time I saw it. Unfortunately, it always seemed to Pin back to a missing link. So I did some research and tracked down the original...


Job Searching on Saturday: Make Sure Your Resume Lands in the Right Place!

When setting out to find a job or internship, you may often feel like the odds are against you. As the economy slowly picks up and you’re against applicants with greater experience, make sure your resume lands in the righ...