Building Your Brand

3 Tips to Santosha

The term “golden handcuffs” may seem familiar to many of us. Many of us Career Girls have gone above and beyond to reach parity or “succeed” in tough environments, earning the salary, the title, and the position. We are...


How to Crush Your Next Interview

I’m willing to bet that most women do more “prep” work before going on a first date than they do for an interview. You know who you are. You’ve researched your date online, spoken about countless “what-if” scenario...

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1 Item 3 Ways: The Chambray Shirt

  The one item in my closet that is getting the most wear these days is the chambray shirt. It’s a great transition piece for the changing seasons and can be worn multiple ways. I can honestly think of 20 different ...


Showing Appreciation

A few weeks ago companies all over the United States celebrated some variation of Administrative Professionals Day. Just this past week on May 6th we celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Day (a personal favorite for obvious...


Opportunity Arrives When You Least Expect It

A few weeks ago I was playing an intense game of Sudoku. I say intense because it wasn’t just one block of numbers, it was 4 blocks that overlapped each other. Luckily I was on a 4-hour plane ride and wasn’t going anywhere ...


3 Tips to Purposeful Failure

We have often been told to avoid the F word. Failure. For many of us Career Girls, we have been groomed for success and achievement. We have been told to work twice as hard to be seen as credible competitors in a world dominate...


Quick Trick to Feel Less Overwhelmed – Drop the “Busy Brag”

Tell the truth. Do you start every email message with an apology? Something along the lines of: Please forgive my delayed response, as I have been traveling this month and working on a number of deadlines. I’ll admit that I d...

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Excuses, be gone! Once and for all

So you’ve got a presentation to do first thing in the morning Career Girl. You’ve been working your butt off on this project for a couple of weeks, getting all your ducks in order, crossing all your T’s, dotti...


The Blow Dryer That Saved Me

This post begins with two rather personal confessions, but hey, it’s blogging right? Some of you have been reading this girl’s personal confessions for YEARS! First personal confession: In high school, I was in love...

Spring Color Block

10 Hot Spring Buys for Instant Chic

  Excited about the warm spring weather? Try one of these 10 hot spring buys for instant chic!