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How to Apply for an Unadvertised Job

Three words can be both the holy grail of job seekers and at the same time the greatest frustration: “hidden job market.” What is the hidden job market? It’s the notion that there are many jobs that are truly ...

Kelly M

Repeat After Me: Stress is My Friend

Huh? Stress is my friend? Since when? Since I watched this fabulous Ted Talk featuring Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist! By way of background, many people have described me as high-strung, nervous, jumpy, edgy, energetic...


Why Planting Seeds Reaps Growth

I recently worked with a client whose life really seemed to “come together” in about a two week process. When this person started working with me she had been unemployed for a few months due to a company restructure, had be...


Climbing the Corporate Ladder…But At What Expense?

Now you’re climbing to the top of the company ladder Hope it doesn’t take too long Can’t you see there’ll come a day when it won’t matter Come a day when you’ll be gone I understand about ind...


The 19 Best Paying Jobs for Women [INFOGRAPHIC]

Feel like you don’t make enough money? Looking for a better job? Try one of these, they’re the “Best Paying Jobs” for women. Job Descriptions


The Debate Between Paid Versus Unpaid Experience

For any of us who are in college or have ever been a college student (has it been 10 years ago already!?), we’ve all been there. Do we take that part-time job that can help pay for books and food or that unpaid internship...

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5 Steps to Get Help from Your Network

Networking is a popular idea that didn’t seem to have a real term before the last few years, but now everyone wants to know the best way to network. Let’s say you’ve done that already. You spent time building ...


Three Tips For a Successful Internship

This past summer I completed an internship with Career Girl Network. This is the first internship that required me to relocate and really go outside my comfort zone. It was an incredible experience, and by the end of the summer...


Job Seekers: Should You “Design” Your Resume?

If you’re sending out dozens of resumes with no reply, you’re not alone: This is the new normal in job hunting, and it leaves job seekers frustrated and hopeless. Seeking a way to stand out from the crowd of applica...


What to Say When Your Resume Has an Annoying Gap

Have you ever had a resume gap? A break in your timeline that makes you cringe and fills you with a certain shame when you even THINK about interviewing? You think all sorts of crazy thoughts.  Things like, What if “they...