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The 19 Best Paying Jobs for Women [INFOGRAPHIC]

Feel like you don’t make enough money? Looking for a better job? Try one of these, they’re the “Best Paying Jobs” for women. Job Descriptions


The Debate Between Paid Versus Unpaid Experience

For any of us who are in college or have ever been a college student (has it been 10 years ago already!?), we’ve all been there. Do we take that part-time job that can help pay for books and food or that unpaid internship...

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5 Steps to Get Help from Your Network

Networking is a popular idea that didn’t seem to have a real term before the last few years, but now everyone wants to know the best way to network. Let’s say you’ve done that already. You spent time building ...


Three Tips For a Successful Internship

This past summer I completed an internship with Career Girl Network. This is the first internship that required me to relocate and really go outside my comfort zone. It was an incredible experience, and by the end of the summer...


Job Seekers: Should You “Design” Your Resume?

If you’re sending out dozens of resumes with no reply, you’re not alone: This is the new normal in job hunting, and it leaves job seekers frustrated and hopeless. Seeking a way to stand out from the crowd of applica...


What to Say When Your Resume Has an Annoying Gap

Have you ever had a resume gap? A break in your timeline that makes you cringe and fills you with a certain shame when you even THINK about interviewing? You think all sorts of crazy thoughts.¬† Things like, What if “they...


One Question Everyone Should Ask¬†became a favorite site of mine when I discovered it a few years ago. For me, StumbleUpon serves most often as a distraction during class lectures or provides a ‘quick’ break when studying. The mater...


Knowing When “It’s Over” in Every Area of Life

“It’s over.” Two simple words. Seven tiny letters. But somehow these are the words in the English language that are somehow always the hardest to say. We stay in relationships longer than we should. We stay in...


When It’s Time To Let Go

As wise man/recording artist Neil Sedaka once so sagely said, “Breaking up is hard to do.” In my experience, this is the case no matter who or what you may be breaking up with. Particularly if you’re stubborn ...


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Service Business

In an ideal world, we’d have all the time we needed to fully plan our ventures. We could cross all the Ts and dot all the Is before going full bore. The real world has no time for such careful planning, though. Oftentimes...