Career Moves

Changing the Image of Success

Stay with me for a moment while we complete a visualization exercise. Close your eyes (okay, I mean, don’t close your eyes because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read this…but go with me here). Picture in y...

fast internet!

How to Look Good on a Webcam

A while back, we shared with you an article all about “Skyping for Success” – using Skype for networking and the job search. And as Skype and other video chat forms become more popular in the business world, w...


Making a Career Change

In college, we expected we’d find the right career and see it through to the end.  But in reality, all of us have many interests, and sometimes our tastes change when we enter a new period of life.  Like me, you might have ...


Beat the Dreaded Computerized Hiring Test

More and more companies are using them, and they could mean the difference between a job offer and a “thanks, but no thanks” response from a potential employer – it’s the dreaded computerized hiring test...


Break Out of a Creative Rut

Are you missing something in your job? It could be a lack of creativity. This incredible infographic tells you how to break out of your rut and become more creative…and consequently, productive.


Bounce Back After a Bad Interview

Everyone has done it – you think you’re prepared, you think you want the job, you think you know what questions they’ll ask – and then something happens that completely derails your job interview and lea...


My Rate is My Rate

At the recent Tech Week Conference in Chicago, a “Women in Tech” panel featured Yesenia Sotelo, the Founder of Smart Cause Digital, a Chicago-based firm that builds digital infrastructure and implementation strategi...


Erasing Resume Blunders

Sometimes we all wish our life could come equipped with one big eraser – that those things we’re ashamed of or wish hadn’t happened could all but disappear. Unfortunately, though, all of the erasers in our liv...


So You Want to Be a Consultant

Perhaps you’ve worked in the corporate gig for just long enough, or you’ve garnered enough experience in a single area to make you an expert in your field. Maybe you’re drawn to jobs with lots of travel, or pe...


Cruising Through the HR Screening

Interview processes come in all shapes and sizes. From processes that involve multiple visits with what seems like countless interviewers to processes that include a single in-person interview immediately followed by an offer, ...