Bosses and Office Mates
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Inequality for Parents vs. Non-Parents in the Office

Have you ever heard something like, “Well, Jane….Jim has kids, and can’t be here on Saturday, so you’ll need to come in.” Or maybe, “Can you cover my shift? My daughter is sick?” Perhap...


When to Tell Your Boss You’re Looking

Over on, Skip Freeman gave us a little glimpse into the workings of Marissa Mayer’s transition from Google to Yahoo! Namely, when she gave her notice, which according to Skip was…..30 minute...


5 Coworker Etiquette Rules

This is officially my second week working out of the Career Girl Network office. The space we are in, 1871, is shared with other startup companies. These first few weeks, I’ve been a little hazy on what the rules are in a...


How to Deal with Negative Nancy

We all have our “Negative Nancy” moments — moments when we become frustrated and discouraged. Still, when you have to be around a lot of negativity, it’s hard to be positive. Some people will come back with ...


Why Female Bosses Matter

Hollywood has worked long and hard to create the archetype of the terrible female boss. For 30 years in movies, women are notoriously difficult to work for, hard to communicate with, and generally hard headed. In Baby Boom, the...


Prevent Age-Related Drama at Work

Drama at work is not a new concept. And drama between women — well, we don’t even need to say anything about that topic. But what about another big piece of drama — between women…of different generations...


Can You Keep a Secret? Your Boss is Insecure

The authors of “The Knowing/Doing Gap” have figured out why your boss is such an asshole. And it might not be for the reasons you’d think. In their research, Jeff Pfeffer and Robert Sutton found that people wh...


3 Career Lessons Men Know That Women Don’t

I saw the headline – “3 Career Lessons That Men Know and Women Don’t” – and I thought, “Only 3?” They’ve had generations of the “old boy’s club” to learn these l...


Speak Up! Whispering Complaints Solves Nothing

You’ve heard it before standing around the water cooler: co-workers relaying a laundry list of complaints to one another about how the office functions. Maybe the meetings are too long, they’re asked to work overtim...


View the Video: Generations in the Workplace

Talk about a fantastic video on inter-generational communication and differences. It’s worth it’s 10 minute length. Trust us. Click on the video link below to watch it on Vimeo.