Goal Setting

Lent: What I’m Doing May Cause Miracles

My mother won’t appreciate it, but I consider myself a proud “Cafeteria Catholic.” I wouldn’t call myself religious, and after getting married in the Catholic Church once, and divorced afterward, the Chu...


How to Never GIve Up

You all know we love a good infographic here at Career Girl, and while the one below is geared at entrepreneurs, it’s applicable to everyone in every field. My favorite piece in it is this: Don’t compare yourself to...


Your Foolproof Passion Equation

Just a few days ago, we posted about “Finding Your Sweet Spot,” and the post garnered a little bit of controversy. What is your “sweet spot”? How do you find it? And is there one prescriptive way to disc...


So You Want to Write a Book: Part 2

In December, I gave you all an insider look at the process I was undergoing in writing my first book with “So You Want to Write a Book.” Now that my book is officially finished (HUGE sigh of relief), I’m follo...


Essential End of Month Practice: January

There’s always been a momentum, or an energy, that comes with the beginning of a new year. And 2013 has taken that to new levels. January has come in a blur of activity – time seemed to pass even quicker than usual. And now...


Done Is Better Than Perfect: Push Out Your Ideas!

There are two kinds of people in this world: 1) Those who get things done. 2) Those who are constantly working on things they want to get done. The first type of person truly understands that “done is better than perfect,...


Small Wins, Big Results

One of my favorite quotes from the incredible life coach extraordinaire Martha Beck is this one: “You could hit a hole in one and still lose a golf tournament, and you could win without ever hitting a hole in one. A great...


Highlight’s from “Rock the Resolution”

Last week, Career Girl held it’s first annual online conference, “Rock the Resolution.” Four speakers gave incredible tips about goal setting and ensuring you’re having the best year yet in your life. He...


First Week of the Year: Resolution Check!

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! Career Girls, you ought to be throwing a party and patting yourself on the back…you survived the first week of 2013! …but did your resolutions? We all know just how daunting New Year&#...

2 Days Until RTR2

The Countdown Is On to Rock the Resolution

If you haven’t registered for Wednesday’s “Rock the Resolution” online conference, you’re missing out! You have 2 more days to get access! Click here to register now!