Goal Setting

Highlight’s from “Rock the Resolution”

Last week, Career Girl held it’s first annual online conference, “Rock the Resolution.” Four speakers gave incredible tips about goal setting and ensuring you’re having the best year yet in your life. He...


First Week of the Year: Resolution Check!

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! Career Girls, you ought to be throwing a party and patting yourself on the back…you survived the first week of 2013! …but did your resolutions? We all know just how daunting New Year&#...

2 Days Until RTR2

The Countdown Is On to Rock the Resolution

If you haven’t registered for Wednesday’s “Rock the Resolution” online conference, you’re missing out! You have 2 more days to get access! Click here to register now!    


We’re Talkin’ Bout Resolutions!

Just a week from today, Career Girl Network is hosting our first ever online conference, Rock the Resolution. What should you know about Rock the Resolution?   Sure, we want you to join us on January 9th, but you don’...


2013 Predictions from LinkedIn’s Largest Women’s Group

Connect: Professional Women’s Network is a LinkedIn group powered by Citi, and has become the largest women’s group on Facebook. LinkedIn gave their members a challenge. What would be the biggest themes for 2013 and...

Young woman is thinking about her future.

What I’ll Stop Worrying About in 2013

A few weeks ago, I saw a fun and totally relatable blog on Huffington Post Women: “Letting Go: 14 Things We’ve Stopped Worrying About — And You Should, Too.” We all know that worry can kill our productiv...

passion project

Working Wildly Outside Your Job Description: How Google and LinkedIn Get This Right

Google is renowned worldwide for its innovative policy of not just allowing, but requiring employees to spend 20% of their time on projects unrelated to their jobs. Google admits that some of its most innovative technologies ha...


Which “Rocks” Will You Move By December 31?

If you’ve ever watched a strong man or strong woman competition, you’ve no doubt seen the kind of rocks pictured just above this article. They are huge round boulders, and the challenge for competitors is to move th...


How to Get it Done

If I had a marketable silver bullet for focusing on projects and avoiding distractions, I would be writing this post from a gilded chair, using a pile of money for a footrest. That’s because focus and distraction avoidance ar...


So You Want to Write a Book?

All over America, there are men and women who have included “write a book” on their proverbial bucket list. Whether it’s a science fiction novel or a family memoir or a gripping suspenseful thriller, wanting t...