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Words to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary in 2013 (Part III)

In this final post of the 3-part series, I’ve got three words for you to think about! (If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part I and Part II of this series. They will be a helpful and introduce you to wh...


Getting a Raise When You Don’t Have a Boss.

When I made the decision to turn down “real” job offers in favor of self-employment, the lack of structured promotions and raises was a major drawback. Was it the money? Who doesn’t want the chance of 2% more ...


Slideshare: What Is It and How Can You Use It?

Every now and again, a new “social network” or “business tool” comes up that we think, “What’s that for?” I had this experience with Instagram a while back and wrote about it, and have ...


The 40-30-30 Rule: The Risk Taking Equation That Can Change Your Life

Risk. It’s a word that gets thrown around often in business, and in life. Are you taking enough risks in your career? Not enough? Is taking a pay cut for that new job a risk? Will it payoff with a great reward in the futu...


What to Do When Tragedy Strikes a Coworker

Recently, Women & Co. published an article about a subject that is rarely tackled, and honestly, I hope rarely experienced for women in business – “5 Ways to Help a Grieving Colleague.” While we all hope n...


First Week of the Year: Resolution Check!

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! Career Girls, you ought to be throwing a party and patting yourself on the back…you survived the first week of 2013! …but did your resolutions? We all know just how daunting New Year&#...


Dangerous “Four Letter Words” for Women in Business

Recently, my dear friend and Step Up Women’s Network’s Chicago Managing Director wrote “Call Me the F Word” on her Today’s Chicago Woman blog. The “F Word” in this case? Feminist. She c...


The Success Indicator

This gem of an infographic has been floating around Facebook and Pinterest the last few weeks, and we simply had to take the time to show it to all of you, just in case you missed it. These are great rules to input into your 20...

2 Days Until RTR2

The Countdown Is On to Rock the Resolution

If you haven’t registered for Wednesday’s “Rock the Resolution” online conference, you’re missing out! You have 2 more days to get access! Click here to register now!    


Career Advice from The Bachelor

Nearly everyone in the country has an opinion about The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise on ABC. And whether you love it, hate it, or love to hate it, millions of Americans have watched as 16 bachelors and 8 bachelorettes ha...