On the Ladder

Are We Living in the Pink Ghetto?

On this Labor Day,we’re highlighting what has come to be known as the “pink ghetto.” It’s a trend in business that unfortunately means that though women are making up a majority of the workforce, we̵...


Want To Be A Productive Person? Choose Your Journeys Wisely

You are always on a journey. You are reading this article. That’s a journey. When you watch your favorite TV show – that’s a journey. For example, if you watch The Biggest Loser, you go on a journey where there are extrem...


How to Avoid the Office Complainers

By the end of the week, you’ve probably spent your share of time around office complainers. You know them — the people who gather in the corner to air their grievances about the company or the boss to each other at leas...


View the Video: Generations in the Workplace

Talk about a fantastic video on inter-generational communication and differences. It’s worth it’s 10 minute length. Trust us. Click on the video link below to watch it on Vimeo.


How to Improve Any Skill

Think you could never learn to play an instrument, write a book, or bake the perfect cake? We all walk around thinking that we don’t have the talent to do certain tasks or activities. We think that talent is something we’re...


Loving Your Competition

As the old saying goes “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” But the question is, who are your enemies. In business, whether you’re an employee or a business owner, it’s easy to confuse comp...


What Kind of a _______ Do I Want to Be?

In Brooke Carey’s recent blog on The Huffington Post, she asks “What Kind of Woman Do I Want to Be?” It’s a question we should all answer – what kind of woman do we want to be? A quiet one? A stron...

work gossip

OMG! TMI! Avoiding Oversharing in the Workplace

Maybe it’s a generational expression, but at this point it’s pretty safe to say everyone knows what you mean when you look at someone and exclaim “TMI!” Too. Much. Information. Whether it’s your be...


Do Offices Need a Hierarchy?

Every office has a chain of command. Sometimes, it can take weeks or months to get through it, even when you need an answer right away. All employees complain about the process, especially when it is slow and dysfunctional. Som...


Write “The Anti-Bio” and Pump Up Your Failures

A while back, we brought you an article about “Erasing Resume Blunders,” something everyone wants to do at one time or another in their career. We all have experiences (or whole jobs), we wish never existed and coul...