On the Ladder

Stop the Potty Mouth in the Office….and Everywhere Else

CareerBuilder isthe source for job search information, and is the authority for behavior in the workplace. They know what they’re talking about, kids. So I’ll trust them when they release a study like this one. A ne...


Avoiding Distractions at Work

We’re expected to get the bulk of our work done at the office, but a new study suggests that the office is now becoming one of the worst places to get work done.  Phone calls, e-mails, meetings, “quick questions” —...


Lessons from the Tour de France

It may seem strange that I’m writing about the Tour de France. After all, there are no women in this race, and frankly, I know little about cycling. But my husband is a Tour de France enthusiast, and we’ve spent a l...


Jumpstart Your Summer Success with a Challenge

We all love a challenge. Whether we’re challenging ourselves to eat better, exercise more, make more money or just show up at work on time for once, setting goals and knocking them down is fun no matter who you are. The p...


Be an Effective Manager

On television, they are comical and sometimes lovable.  In real life, they can kill your drive to succeed.  Ineffective managers can have a big impact on a company and the productivity of its employees. Forbes Contributor Gle...


What Makes a Good Internship?

  As a Career Girl, you’ve probably had a summer internship or might have a summer intern in your office right now.  Internships can be great for everyone involved — more work gets done, job experience is gained, ...


Break Out of a Creative Rut

Are you missing something in your job? It could be a lack of creativity. This incredible infographic tells you how to break out of your rut and become more creative…and consequently, productive.


Dealing with Your Own Personal Mean Girl

Last time I checked, the whole “mean girl” thing was supposed to be over in high school….maybe it extends to college, but certainly not to adult life, right? Wrong. It seems the concept of “mean girls...


Recognizing the Value of Criticism

We’re all familiar with receiving criticism and hopefully, we’ve learned how to take it — at least publicly, even if we have our own coping mechanisms privately.  But accepting criticism on a project that you’ve pu...


Step by Step, Day by Day

We all make task lists – and no matter how you manage them, whether online, with an app, or with a trusty old post-it note, we all find eventually there are certain tasks that just keep getting rewritten. From task list t...