Tips to Get Ahead

Combatting Envy in Your Career

When I first decided to change careers, I had this bad habit of checking Facebook every morning as soon as I woke up.  I was temporarily working retail and applying for grad school, so I had a lot of extra time on my hands to ...


Get the Job Title You Deserve

It may just be a name on paper, but your job title has a hidden, symbolic value.  Think about your job title now — does it adequately reflect your experience and contribution to the company? A recent article from Angela ...

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Is Career Coaching Right for You?

If you’re ready to change careers or move up within your current company, a career coach may be something you’ve considered.  You can turn to family or friends for advice, but often an outside opinion is helpful. Eilene Zi...


Why Good Grammar Matters

Grammar: some of us are good at it, while others need a little more practice remembering the rules.  As a former journalist and now a writing graduate student, good grammar has always been a must.  If I lacked grammatical ski...


Stop the Potty Mouth in the Office….and Everywhere Else

CareerBuilder isthe source for job search information, and is the authority for behavior in the workplace. They know what they’re talking about, kids. So I’ll trust them when they release a study like this one. A ne...


Avoiding Distractions at Work

We’re expected to get the bulk of our work done at the office, but a new study suggests that the office is now becoming one of the worst places to get work done.  Phone calls, e-mails, meetings, “quick questions” —...


What Makes a Good Internship?

  As a Career Girl, you’ve probably had a summer internship or might have a summer intern in your office right now.  Internships can be great for everyone involved — more work gets done, job experience is gained, ...


Break Out of a Creative Rut

Are you missing something in your job? It could be a lack of creativity. This incredible infographic tells you how to break out of your rut and become more creative…and consequently, productive.


Recognizing the Value of Criticism

We’re all familiar with receiving criticism and hopefully, we’ve learned how to take it — at least publicly, even if we have our own coping mechanisms privately.  But accepting criticism on a project that you’ve pu...

My Idea

Hey, That’s My Idea!

Stealing ideas. It happened in your 8th grade science project, it happened in your college Poli. Sci. course, and it’s happening now. Whether someone is entirely stealing your original idea or taking credit for an idea yo...