Curveball Interview Questions: Why They’re Asked and How To Handle Them

With the plethora of information in books and online, there really is no excuse to head into interview anything but 100% prepared – knowledgeable about the company, ready to talk about your experience, how it applies to the o...


You’re Not Finished Yet: Life Change Is A Long-Distance Run

  Humans are excellent at being cognizant of their shortcomings. Women know this skill well. We are always too tall or too short, too open or too guarded, too aggressive or too passive, too much of a brick wall or too much...


Why You Should Back Up (Now!)

Have you ever been cursed with the sight of the blinking-question-mark-folder-of-death reserved for Mac-users (who up until this point thought they were immune to crashes – because everyone knows, that only happens to PC-user...


3 Transitional Fall Dresses Under $200

1)  Banana Republic 2) Ann Taylor 3) Old Navy The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter and maybe a little grayer.  However, you can still stand out at the office with these three transitional dresses (an...


20 Resume Power Words [INFOGRAPHIC]

You’ll want to stay away from traditional buzz words on your resume, but some of these “power words” are incredibly, well, powerful. Try them on your resume the next time you update.


Climbing the Corporate Ladder…But At What Expense?

Now you’re climbing to the top of the company ladder Hope it doesn’t take too long Can’t you see there’ll come a day when it won’t matter Come a day when you’ll be gone I understand about ind...


“Hey There, Career Girl” Podcast with Viveka von Rosen

What is Hey There, Career Girl? We all want to know what it’s like to be other people, right? What does their life entail, what do their jobs look like and feel like? Hey There, Career Girl, gives you that looking glass i...


Your Handwriting: Key to the “Real” You?

There are so many ways we can control how others perceive us – major decisions like the careers we choose, how we spend our free time, and who we spend it with – to the more subtle things like body language, our style of dr...