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The Weekend Workout

If you’re anything like me, you’re great at working out during the week, but somehow you linger on the couch and consider your grocery trip a workout on the weekends. Here’s a great way to get in your weekend ...


The Cure for Work Stress

Stress. It’s both a burden and an excuse. When someone asks you to join them for lunch on Thursday you answer, “I can’t. I’m so stressed at work.” But are you really stressed? Or are you using stre...


Caution: Burnout Lies Ahead

Bumps in the road? Yup, they come along. Road blocks? Absolutely. But every so often after cruising along for a while at high speed, it happens (cue dreadful ominous tones): Burnout. As a Career Girl, you likely push yourself b...


Change Your Workout Attitude

One of the singles groups I’m member of recently posted a speed dating event for “Fit and Active Singles.” I’ll admit I was interested when I saw it, and then instantly remembered that I am not, in fact, a truly “fit ...

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1,000 More Reasons to Eat Breakfast

If you need more reasons to eat breakfast, here’s about 1,000. It makes you thinner, smarter, and helps you live longer. Check it out!


Getting Ahead of Shameful Body Image Thoughts

Body image has been appearing in the work  I’ve been doing lately and as I’ve asked more questions, I’ve uncovered some deep seeded body hating conversations women have been having with themselves and their friends. Body...


Olympic Training Tips

  Lessons from Olympians – they’re infinite, really. These individuals are the most well-trained, disciplined, dedicated athletes in the world. So it’s almost insulting to compare ourselves to them in any...


The Real Voice of the Female Athlete

Sometimes you see a video, hear a commercial on the radio, or see an ad in print and it stops you in your tracks. That’s what this Nike video did for me recently. Here, Nike juxtaposes the voices and images of experienced...


Half Marathoner, I Am!

The inaugural Chicago Women’s Half Marathon challenged its runners to ask – why will you run? I signed up for this half marathon in February and if you’ve followed my running journey, you know this was the thi...


Advice from a Slinky on a Treadmill

There’s a new YouTube video sweeping the nation – the epic (yes, they literally use the word epic) “Slinky on a Treadmill.” In case you haven’t seen it, I’m linking it below. I was introduced...