Life After Five

Stick to Your Holiday Gift Budget

  It’s almost here – the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Right after Black Friday comes December, my favorite month. Despite the cold, snow and lack of sunshine, I love December because that’s when I wa...


Skip the Door Busting Lines and Go for “Small Business Saturday”

This Thanksgiving, skip the door buster lines on Thursday night and Friday morning, and do your part to help small businesses on “Small Business Saturday.” Learn more with the infographic below:


The #1 Tool For Stress

                    The holidays are upon us. As we slip out of work and into our seats around the feast filled table (and maybe into sweatpants after that), gratitude is the th...

Peggys pic

Real Answers to the ‘Thankful’ Question

Thankfulness It’s a rather common word that nearly any person would be able to define. However, it always seems to be the case that the simplest words have the most complex meaning. What exactly does thankfulness mean to ...


Become a Road Warrior

  This week as I left for the airport,  I decided I would write about what I know best – traveling. Saying I travel a lot, might even be an understatement. On average, I try to spend at least two weeks a month actually ...

Green Plants

Being Green For Your Productivity!

About a week ago, a couple of coworkers were having conversations about bringing plants into the office. One of them was petitioning for the plants because of our air ventilation. See, our office is notorious for being a petri ...


Be Thankful For Your Body

I’ll be the first one to admit it: I am not always happy with my body. I am my own worst critic. I could always, “lose a little weight,” “be a little more fit,” and may or may not be chasing a rock solid six-pack. Any...

Beach Yoga

What Will You Value This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is barely upon us.   I haven’t kept track, but it really seems as if it starts earlier and earlier (I know, I sound like I’m ancient and tracking the weather and holiday season). I’m someone who enjoys...

Woman exercising at home

Simple Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

The holidays are here and we’re all busy, stressed, and have invitations to holiday party after holiday party. Although it’s easy to use the holidays as an excuse to skip your workout, it’s more important than ever to kee...

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers Into The Ultimate Sandwich

The best part of Thanksgiving might be the sandwiches you can assemble with the leftovers. The ultimate leftover sandwich is made with fried brie, cranberry sauce, roasted almonds, turkey, and grilled bread. Feel free to add i...