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1,000 More Reasons to Eat Breakfast

If you need more reasons to eat breakfast, here’s about 1,000. It makes you thinner, smarter, and helps you live longer. Check it out!

“I Do” or Not to “I Do” – Is That the Question for your Career?

Forbes contributor Selena Rezvani recently asked the question “Marriage: Hazardous to Your Career?” And among her questions and thoughts about marriage as it relates to a woman’s career comes an interesting th...


Rebuilding Self Trust

The topic of body image resonates with many people.  Our conversation last week sparked a further and more in depth chat with friends and clients about why we’re so psychotically mean to ourselves and our bodies. It occurred...


Early is On Time?

My best friend will both roll her eyes and laugh at this post (I hope). You see, though we fit together in countless ways, there is one difference we have that has continuously caused issues in our friendship – I am perpe...


Be Quiet and Accomplish More

In a world in which we are usually bombarded with distractions — smart phones, iPods, iPads, radio, TV — we rarely find ourselves with quiet time. We assume that our constant need to check our many devices shows tha...


Lead a Less Cluttered Life

Another season is ending and it’s almost time to dig out your sweaters, pants and tights. That means you might need to dig through that closet and reorganize your possessions. But if you’re anything like me, that’s going ...


The Case for Meditation

Meditation. The word is everywhere these days. From being a central point in the bestsellerEat, Pray, Love to a recent Oprah Winfrey special on Iowa’s own “meditation town” that my best friend forced me to wat...


Complimenting Others Will Boost Your Confidence

Confidence. It’s a word that carries a lot of weight. Being confident in yourself, and having others describe you as confident means you are self-assured, likely outgoing, easy to talk to, and respected. It’s a word...


Getting Ahead of Shameful Body Image Thoughts

Body image has been appearing in the work  I’ve been doing lately and as I’ve asked more questions, I’ve uncovered some deep seeded body hating conversations women have been having with themselves and their friends. Body...


Make the Best Decision for You

When confronting a major decision, you most likely seek an outside opinion first.  You might be considering quitting a job, buying a house or breaking up with a boyfriend.  Naturally, you ask the people who know you best for ...