Life After Five

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Having Houseguests

Last week, I had lunch with a friend who was dealing with house guests and admitted to me that she was definitely ready for them to go home. We’ve all been there – you spend months getting excited for a friend or fa...


Narrow Your Focus for Better Results

As someone who works in a creative field, I tend to have many ideas going at once. I have an idea for an article, a novel, a documentary, a short video — the list goes on. You might have several ideas you want to implemen...


Want To Be A Productive Person? Choose Your Journeys Wisely

You are always on a journey. You are reading this article. That’s a journey. When you watch your favorite TV show – that’s a journey. For example, if you watch The Biggest Loser, you go on a journey where there are extrem...


Why It’s Better to Have Fewer Friends

We have friends from school, from work, from Facebook and Twitter. With technology, we can communicate with hundreds of people a day with one post. We can even put all of our friends into “groups” or categories on our onlin...


Device Security – Are You Paying Attention?

The world buzzes daily about Facebook security and burglars checking Foursquare to see when you’re not home. But what if I told you that the place you hold most of your personal information is usually the most insecure? Y...

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1,000 More Reasons to Eat Breakfast

If you need more reasons to eat breakfast, here’s about 1,000. It makes you thinner, smarter, and helps you live longer. Check it out!

“I Do” or Not to “I Do” – Is That the Question for your Career?

Forbes contributor Selena Rezvani recently asked the question “Marriage: Hazardous to Your Career?” And among her questions and thoughts about marriage as it relates to a woman’s career comes an interesting th...


Rebuilding Self Trust

The topic of body image resonates with many people.  Our conversation last week sparked a further and more in depth chat with friends and clients about why we’re so psychotically mean to ourselves and our bodies. It occurred...


Early is On Time?

My best friend will both roll her eyes and laugh at this post (I hope). You see, though we fit together in countless ways, there is one difference we have that has continuously caused issues in our friendship – I am perpe...


Be Quiet and Accomplish More

In a world in which we are usually bombarded with distractions — smart phones, iPods, iPads, radio, TV — we rarely find ourselves with quiet time. We assume that our constant need to check our many devices shows tha...