Life After Five
Sylvia 2

Aging in America

Today is my birthday — I am now officially middle-aged. Hell, who am I kidding? That’s even being generous — by that definition it means I need to live until I’m 106 and I have no intention of doing that...


Sniffle, Sniffle…Don’t Let Cold Season Keep You Down!

It’s December. Welcome to (for many of us) the season of bitterly cold temperatures, falling snow, holiday parties, and colds and flu. Without being melodramatic, for those of us that either work in client-facing careers,...

Woman on a run

Yes! You Can Start Running

In case you didn’t know, more women than ever are signing up to run races of all kinds: road races, trail races, etc. In fact, according to Running USA’s 2013 State of the Sport-Part III: U.S. Race Trends: The number of U.S...

Saving Money

4 Creative Money-Saving Tips

  It seems everywhere we turn these days we find a story about how to save money. I bite every time, only to find that most of the ideas shared (take your lunch to work, trade your car in for a less expensive model, shop t...

Woman in bed

STAY ON THE PATH: Healthy Choices to Feel Better

I am afraid of the world today. Despite a full day of work in front of me, all I want to do is stay indoors, rock some baggy sweatpants, and eat comfort food.  Sound familiar?  It happens to us all.  Maybe it’s hormones, m...


A Career Girl Guide to Being Neat

I have never thought of myself as a tidy person. As I sit here typing this, I am looking at a dining table covered in things that need to be put away (birthday gifts, Christmas decorations, and mail, mostly). I painted my bedro...

cartoon decision

4 Strategies for Handling Tough Decisions

Ever had to make a really tough decision? Maybe you were deciding between schools or jobs, or whether or not to quit either one in favor of another venture. Or perhaps it had to do with a relationship – hours were spent mulli...

she reads

2013 Must Reads

To honor a yearly tradition, the time has come to sit down and review the Must Reads of 2013. From laugh out loud hilarity to game changing vulnerability, you’ll get a peek into what’s been gracing my bookshelves (yes, I st...

Crossfit woman crying

How CrossFit (Almost) Crushed My Spirit

Almost….I’m not not down for the count yet, but I was sorely tested yesterday. (No pun intended.)  Afterward, while I laid in a defeated heap on the verge of tears, I contemplated my situation. What was the real issue?...

online banking

Why Cyber Monday Trumps Black Friday [INFOGRAPHIC]

Struck out on Black Friday? Don’t worry, your favorite online retailers are getting their sale on tomorrow for “Cyber Monday.” Learn more about it with the infographic below: