Stop, Celebrate! 4 Steps to Help You Enjoy Right Now

Posted November 20, 2013 by Lucia Labouchere in Life After Five


This week’s a simple message.  Stop. Celebrate!

Inspired by a wedding I went to a couple of weekends ago where we really and truly celebrated. And, again last weekend when I celebrated with some friends who had driven 1000 km to visit us, plus the fact that the holiday season is once again upon us made me remember how important it is – to celebrate.

And, also because throughout these weeks I have been feeling a bit blue. Just a bit heavy and dull – do you know what I mean Career Girls?  As an entrepreneur working in a fairly extreme environment (in the bush in Malawi) – the gloriousness of the place, the adventure and the fact I am doing what I love does not make me immune to the odd bout of the blues. The thing is these days and weeks and months I often feel I am on the edge of great things… We are building the house, I am settled with Luca, my business is going well…

And, by having this feeling I am on the edge, this hunger for more, I sometimes forget to enjoy the moment, the ride and appreciate the wonder of what it is that I have achieved so far and am doing now.  In this constant search to grow I miss the greatness of the chaos of the building, the business in its state as is and being with a man I utterly adore. Ladies, can you relate?

When I decided to leave my linear career path in London I knew it wouldn’t all be easy. The same for when I decided to set up my own business from Malawi. Of course it wouldn’t – and I craved that – staying and doing what I had always done, felt, blah, and, bland and, like I was a living a life I was ‘told’ to. I didn’t have to think for myself. In taking the off-road, in thinking for myself, in choosing my own path, I have lost that trapped feeling, in fact I have quite the opposite – so much freedom and opportunity that I am sometimes overwhelmed and momentarily miss the security that I once had.

The irony? Then I think about what that security actually was – I mean, what is it for you?  Was it a pension that I was steadily building? Was it the house in Italy I entered headhunting to buy? Was it the man I would marry in a wedding like all the others? Perhaps. I can’t really pinpoint it.  But, I know now that if these things are truly important to me I can have them anyway, this time as a choice, not as a rite of passage.

So, whilst it isn’t all and always ecstatic feelings, it’s what I desire, it is a life I have chosen and in which I’m in control.

I celebrate that.

It is a challenge and that from time to time seems rather large… and one I have created, and my goodness it is a ride… lunch with giraffe, a pet camel, dinner with crocodile farmers, a commute that sees me dodging donkey carts, endless cows, children, women with allsorts on their heads, coffee with Italians from Barilla, sailing on the lake, building the kitchen, running a coaching business, climbing the mountain, mid week safaris, snorkelling at weekends… then trips to Europe and skiing in Italy, Christmas in Rome, UK, Budapest the first weekend of the year then back to Africa.  It’s a hugely exciting, wonderful, exhilarating ride every step created by me, including a few moments of panic along the way.

And, so even in writing this letter today my blues are lifting, I am regaining focus. And there isn’t any internet, but I can call clients and I can meet them and if the car breaks down, there are people who run to my rescue and if the power doesn’t work then the candles are a more beautiful light anyway and a barbequed fillet is excellent.  And that stuff, the house in italy, the wedding, the pension – there is a time for that, perhaps not so far away.

So take a look around you now…  What can you celebrate right now?  Acknowledge what’s great around you – let the big stuff happen while you are really enjoying the small stuff, celebrating where you have come from and where you are… living each day as you choose.

Here’s 4 Steps to Help:

  1. Stop, deep breath, look around you – what can you see, touch, smell, hear, taste?  Get back in tune with your senses.  What does your gut say today?
  2. What’s good – what’s great in your world right now? List it!
  3. Say it out loud  – tell someone about something good, something funny, something you are excited about, something you have seen
  4. Celebrate – have a think of what regardless of time or money you would love to do this week – do it!! Go out to dinner, buy yourself a present, book something you have been meaning to book – celebrate now!

About the Author

Lucia Labouchere

Lucia is an independent performance coach and career consultant. She runs bespoke programmes that help business leaders and budding entrepreneurs to become clear on what their unique offering is and how it can serve them. She helps build momentum and direction in careers and lives so that her clients can enjoy a greater sense of purpose, more success and be truly inspirational. She works predominantly via Skype and is based between Italy, the UK and Malawi.