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Posted August 24, 2013 by Katherine Toll in Building Your Brand
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The fall (retail) season hit its full stride last week, so new, new, NEW is the word on the beauty street. As noted a few weeks ago in Marc Jacobs Beauty and More, the fall season serves up more new beauty and skincare products than any other time of year.

I find myself attending all sorts of new store openings and reviewing product launches, so as a dedicated back-to-school-season-lover I officially admit I’m COMPLETELY overwhelmed with so much newness. So, as I gather my wits this week we opted to feature a few of our favorite things for priming, shadowing and lining.

What defines a CGN favorite thing? So glad you asked! A CGN favorite thing is: A product (s) we actually re-purchase on a regular basis.

While this may sound like no-big-deal to the non-addicted beauty people – any of you lip gloss abusers know that plunking down cold, hard cash on a refill for ANYTHING speaks volumes about the quality of the product.

Here’s to the CGN favorite things!


  • Face Primers: While a somewhat unseen, but utterly necessary product, it’s a must-have for a long–wear-face. I’m a huge fan of multiple use products like a BB or CC Creams, which combine all sorts of benefits including priming and coverage. My all-time favorite one out there is Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream. Hits the mark on all fronts.
  • Eye Primers: Again, kinda boring, but I swear by mine!! Nars’Pro Prime’ Eyeshadow Base makes the cut over and over again for me. My shadows show up as promised plus wear like iron.
  • Lash Primer: Straight, wimpy lashes quake in fear with Tarte’s Clinically-Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Primer. I repurchase this on a regular basis. It protects my lash as it plumps and curls any mascara placed on top of it.
  • Lip Primers: I’ve never found one I love, so let us know your favorite thing.


  • Crème Shadows: The CGN staff like a cream + powder layer. NARs (again) makes a perfect cream shadow base, as does Maybelline’s Color Tattoo. Don’t worry about matching cream and powder shadow colors dead on. I love NAR’s Mousson with a chocolate brown shadow over it.
  • Powder Shadows: Marcy got me started on Crown Pro shadows. AMAZING VALUE! The pigment density rocks, the color selection puts most other brands to shame, and the palettes price-point keeps them in a Career Girl’s budget. Prior to that, MAC shadow owned my ‘favorite things’ spot.


Okay, Career Girls, that’s a wrap for this week. Stay tuned for next week’s Favorite Things: Cheeks and Lips!

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Katherine (Kathi) Toll possesses more than 20 years of management and consulting experience within the retail and beauty industry. Her industry experience combined with her special brand of irreverence fuels her mission to find the ‘must-have’ beauty products for Career Girls of all ages. She aspires to remind women the airbrushed perfection of the beauty industry must be tempered with a healthy dose of humor. Kathi holds a general management certification from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, along with an undergraduate degree from Northwestern’s School of Communications.