CitiBank Sets Women’s Sights High – Literally

Posted April 18, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder
Have you seen this CitiBank commercial – y’know the one where the woman climbs the unimaginable, impossible to fathom rock? Check it out.

I cannot recall ever being more captivated by a commercial. I, like the rest of America, wondered if the climbers were real, if the point was real, if the place was real. So I, like the rest of America, Googled it….only to find more people with the same question. But ultimately, here’s the answer. The woman in this commercial is not an actor or a stunt woman, she is a professional rock climber, Katie Brown. In fact, she wrote a book, “Girl on the Rocks”, to guide other female climbers. And the place in this commercial is a rock formation outside Moab, Utah called “Ancient Art.”

What CitiBank has just done for women in America is set our sights high – literally. How many of you watched that commercial and thought, “I want to go there!”? I sure did. And while we all can’t climb to the heights Katie can, we can set goals equally as ambitious. And we can take a cue from the beautiful music accompanying this CitiBank commercial from LP’s Into the Wild. Let these lyrics speak to you:

“How are we living, living, living into the wild?”

Live your life like Katie Brown. Live it into the wild!

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