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Cleanse Day 1

Posted May 5, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

There they are. 15 bottles of juices. 5 down as of yesterday, 10 to go. And because so many dear friends and followers are interested in my cleanse, I’ll blog each day.

Let me start of by saying I feel fabulous! Honestly. I feel amazing. I feel energized and happy and full. I didn’t hunger at all yesterday. So here’s my day’s recap:

8:00am-First juice, the dreaded Green Juice. Yup, it’s kinda yucky. But the key for me was to focus on one flavor. It has Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber and more. I absolutely love cucumber in anything. So while chugging the green juice like a college kid chugging a beer, I focused on the cucumber and got through it.

10:00am-Second juice, honestly like an amazing mixed drink. Pineapple, Apple, Mint. Tastes like a mojito. Absolutely loved. Also, I had an important meeting yesterday (hopefully more on that to come next week), so I had a Kind bar. Given that it was the first day on the cleanse, I couldn’t predict how I would feel and didn’t want to get shaky or jittery in my meeting.

12:30pm-Third juice, the Green Juice again. I met Twitter Guy for lunch and was able to sip the juice this time and not chug. Not so bad.

3:00pm-Fourth juice, the Spicy Lemonade. This was really interesting. It’s lemonade, agave nectar and cayenne pepper. As you drink it, it tastes like lemonade and it’s delicious. But afterward, your throat burns from the cayenne. So, weird, but overall pretty good.

5:30pm-I braved the fifth juice, one I dreaded all day. Beets. Beets, carrots, apple. It looks a little like blood and it tastes horrendous. I tried to isolate the carrots or the apple, but I hate hate hate beets and it’s all I can take. I managed to get the whole thing down but it was labored.

8:00pm-Strangely enough, I wasn’t hungry at all. I really wouldn’t have eaten anything else on a normal day, but I still had the sixth juice left, the Cashew Milk. It was yummy, but very filling. Tasted like dessert. I only drank 3/4 of it as I was just too full to drink the rest.

Now on to day 2! I haven’t worked out yet. I’m a little nervous because when I worked out Monday on prep day I was very very shaky. I may do a workout this morning and see how I feel.

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