Five Reasons to Ditch Your Private Office

Posted October 29, 2013 by Guest Writer in On the Ladder

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At some point, many small business owners need space for that all-important client meeting. Starbucks just won’t cut it, nor will the living room. In the moment, a private office seems like a welcome solution: four walls, a desk, and a place to keep work, at work. Great, right? Wrong. You have options, other than a private office, that will get your business out of the house and into the world. Here are five great reasons to rethink a private office, in favor of a collaborative workspace.

  1.  Join a community. A quality collaborative workspace should focus on maintaining a diverse community.  Unlike private offices or rows of assigned desks, collaborative spaces foster relationships between members.  Any workspace worth your time (and money) should provide onsite staff to support your needs and offer personal introductions that help your business grow. Working behind a closed door (or in the living room) rarely offers the opportunity for painless networking. Career Girl, if you’re convinced your business needs its own four walls, be prepared to clock in even more time at networking events and mixers.
  2. Own your cash. Savvy Career Girls should seek business opportunities that liberate their cash-flow. Your collaborative workspace should provide flexibility.  Because you’re not renting an office, you’re freed from the chains of a lease and able to make nimble, spot-on decisions regarding monthly office expenses.
  3. Kiss that stack of paper good-bye. Dedicated space feeds the temptation to be a desk slob.  Unless you’re already supremely organized, or have Martha Stewart on-call, chances are you’ve fallen victim to a pile of papers. Without the accountability of a community, or “house rules” to keep a space clean, you’re left relying on yourself to reach your clutter-free office goal.  Save the trees, and your well-being, by alleviating desktop junk that can cramp your style the next morning.
  4. Get some perks! Shared workspace operators should know that retaining membership means taking care of the things business owners don’t have the time to manage.  When shopping for a collaborative workspace be sure your choice offers these things at minimum: free wifi, plenty of coffee, complimentary (comfortable) furnishings, professional quality printer and scanner, tech support, meeting accommodations, and flexible membership. Many spaces will also provide long-term members with mail service, and an attractive address, at no extra charge.  Be sure to ask!
  5. Share the corner office. You’ve already ditched the cubicle in favor of owning your own business.  So, why are you messing around with private office fees, like an up-charge for a window or a reserved seat? Assigned seating has its place, at weddings and grade school. Free yourself from the desk and sit where you want. Collaboration means everyone is in it together. Ditch the walls, and join other entrepreneurs who’ve left old-work behind.

Julia is the Community Manager for Grind’s newest collaborative workspace in Chicago at 2 N. LaSalle St. Coming from a background of marketing and community relations, Julia’s adventure with Grind links her passion for big ideas and relationship building. In her role Julia curates Grind’s Chicago membership providing entrepreneurs and small teams with a platform to get their best work done in a highly creative, supportive environment.  When she’s not curating membership for Grind, Julia can be found teaching yoga class or hanging out with her rescued pitbull mix. Connect with Julia on Twitter and visit Grind here.

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