Commuter Shoes

Posted April 19, 2010 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
There are all types of women: suit women, sweater women, big purse women, lunch box carrying women. But here’s what I notice: SHOES! Especially tennis shoes. I mean, really, I understand that you’re riding the bus or the train and you don’t want to wear your heels. Trust me, I do. I’m sitting here in my office in comfy shoes as we speak. But wearing a skirt suit, black tights, and white tennis shoes just doesn’t cut it.

Ask yourself this: “If I ran into the CEO the minute I walked in the door today and she (or he) said, ‘Can I have a minute?’ would I be embarrassed of anything on my body?” If the answer is, “Just a second, let me change my shoes.” please back up and think a bit.

There are comfortable commuter shoes – ones you can wear to the office, change out of into heels or more fancy shoes, but still look complementary to your ensemble.

Here’s a few options.

Crocs McCall Winter (Yes, Crocs makes non-hideous shoes now)

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