3 Tips To Turn Your Job Search Into Job Offers

Posted May 5, 2014 by Sally Calloway in Career Moves

Searching for a new opportunity can be  overwhelming whether you are working and looking for a new opportunity, or you are unemployed and job hunting.

Regardless of the reason you are job searching, it is important to stay focused and positive, and to pinpoint the reasons you may not be achieving the results that you hoped to.

Here are 3 tips to help you identify the possible roadblocks, and stay motivated so that you land a new job sooner than later.

#1 Evaluate your efforts.

Examine the variables that may be holding you back based on your results.

Applying and not landing many or any interviews? Ask yourself:

  • Have I made a solid effort to ensure that my resume is competitive enough to land in the “yes” pile? Could my resume be holding me back?
  • Am I qualified for the positions that I have targeted? Am I overqualified?
  • Am I using the best job search tools, and resources to find positions?
  • Am I making a solid, dedicated effort in my job search?

Landing interviews but not offers? Assess yourself:

  • Have I prepared and practiced interviewing efficiently?
  • Am I following up strategically after each interview?

#2 Evaluate your “Why?”

Examine your focus and confidence level based on your reasons for looking for a new job.

Currently working and seeking to find a new opportunity? Ask yourself:

  • What initially motivated me to start looking for a new job?
  • Have I made every, solid effort possible to change or resolve the challenges that ignited my desire to find something new?
  • Have I conducted the necessary research to determine if the grass might be greener elsewhere?

Unemployed and job hunting? Ask yourself:

  • Am I self-sabotaging by not asking for help, or by thinking negatively?
  • To help me find and land a job, have I tapped into several, effective, job-search resources?
  • Am I fully aware of my value and what I have to offer an employer?

#3 Evaluate your action plan. Ask yourself:

  • Am I happy with the quantity and quality of the positions I have applied for so far?
  • Am I focusing enough time on my job search? What can I give up this week to have more time to focus on my job search?
  • What resources can I tap into to help me with my job search efforts?

Do not let excuses and fear stand in the way of your job search. There are jobs out there. The employment market in “today’s economy” does not have to be a barrier to your success. There are new rules to follow and job-winning strategies that you can employ in order to become employed sooner than later.

Try not to become discouraged. Be hopeful, think positive, and be persistent.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to stand out and beat the competition by employing the new rules and job-winning strategies of the 2014 job market?

TELL yourself:

  • I have a great attitude and a lot to offer, and I have the confidence, and power to create a fulfilling career and life of abundance and joy.

For answers to these questions and free resources, tips and tools to help you maximize your job search you may visit my website at www.careercoachsally.com. For additional resources on this topic and more click on this link: http://careergirlnetwork.com/author/sallycalloway/



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