Conveying Executive Presence With Looks and Dress

Posted November 14, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

It’s a business “buzz phrase” that’s been around for a few years now: executive presence. What is it? It’s that certain something, that je ne sais quoi that makes someone appear to be a strong, capable executive. It’s in their voice, their posture, their ability to convey their points clearly, and of course, it rests a lot in their appearance. Women with a strong executive presence have more than a few things together when it comes to their looks.

Marie Claire talked about Executive Presence recently in their article, “Best Clothes for Work–How to Get Executive Presence.” They outline that women with great executive presence are always thinking about:

  • Clean makeup
  • Well-fitting clothes
  • Avoiding “too sexy” choices
  • And more….

They also listed something we at Career Girl have not talked about in the past. Hair color. Check it out:

If your hair is highlighted or colored, be sure to stay on top of touch-ups. Nothing sabotages a killer suit like two inches or regrowth.

Your hair, and hair color in general, can do a lot to convey your presence. If you’re choosing to color your hair, do it regularly, and make it a color that really works on you. Bad red, too dark black, or brassy blonde doesn’t work on anyone.
So get your executive presence going. It’s in everything from clothing to colorists. Tell us what you think, too. What other key things in your appearance can convey executive presence?

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