What’s On Your Walls? Customize Your Office Design To Your Outlook!

Posted July 30, 2013 by Danielle Bilbruck in Building Your Brand


Right now, I’m sitting in a cafe where nearly everything inside is made of re-purposed bicycle-related things (can you tell I live in Denver?) Everything from the lighting structures and air ventilation to the art installations and bookshelves and concert posters is placed around me to tell a story. The arrangements are meant to evoke some kind of reaction or feeling or mood. This is the art of design–how can the environment around a person influence their headspace, their emotional state, their well-being? We feel differently when we walk into a Victorian bed and breakfast, an opera house, a dive bar, a call center, our own homes. But what about our offices?

It is sometimes easy to forget just how much time we spend at work. In the best case scenario, that’s because we love our jobs: being there is so enjoyable that we’re not counting the hours. The worst case scenario? We hate our jobs so much that we try not to waste time thinking about time spent in the office; our happiness lies in dwelling on more exciting and stress-less times in our lives. As a recruiter, I always tell my candidates that they need to truly understand what they need in an office environment and target places that will give them such an environment, because we spend nearly a third of our lives going to that place.

Management plays a huge role in creating office culture, but what can you do to bring your own zen into the workplace? After I read this piece over on LinkedIn, I got to thinking about what kind of mood I wanted to set in my own workspace. What kind of feelings do I want to have at work: ambition? Persistence? Grin-and-bear-it? Lightness? Intensity? Tenacity? The world is at my and your fingertips. What kind of world do you want to create in that space?

As inspiration, here are a few of my favorites that might be relevant to the work environment that I want:




















  And naturally…for humor and posterity:





What about you? What kind of things do you want to surround yourself with in your workplace? 


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