De-clutter Your Financial Files: Document Retention Guidelines

Posted March 18, 2013 by Kelley Long in Life After Five
document retention

Yay, it’s Tax Time! That fun time of year when we sort through the piles of paper in the, “I’ll deal with this later” file. This time-consuming task has many people asking themselves, “How long do I need to keep that?” I recently published an article on document retention guidelines to my firm’s website and it is my most-requested piece, so it’s definitely worth sharing with my Career Girls too. Check out the article here.

For the uber-organized, you might also consider making as many of these documents electronic as possible. Personally, I set up a folder on my computer for each year, then inside that folder, have a file for each month. That’s where I save PDFs of all my bills, scanned receipts, important emails, etc. To do this the paperless way, I choose the ‘Print…’ option on my MacBook, then when the Print window opens, I select ‘Print to File’ and opt to save it as a PDF. Then I’m given the option to select where to save the PDF. Voila, saving trees AND saving clutter. A winning combination!

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