Don’t Settle: Jobs Edition

Posted November 3, 2010 by Marcy Twete in Career Moves

Afteryesterday’s post, I had more reaction privately than I think I’ve ever had on a post. I’m glad this struck a core with so many of my friends and readers. But I never thought yesterday’s post would have such a profound impact on one person – ME!

As I was re-reading my post yesterday, one sentence stood out. “Trying to  make a relationship work with men that really don’t fit their lifestyle or criteria just to avoid being…oh, god….alone.” And in it, I substituted these words. “Trying to make a position work with a company/path that doesn’t fit my lifestyle or criteria just to avoid being…oh, god…unemployed.”

I had a stack of jobs to apply to last night in Chicago. And as I re-read this sentence, I threw out half of them. What the hell was I doing applying for “Events Coordinator” positions? I’m two levels above that now – why would I apply for a position I clearly have already surpassed professionally? Because I’m afraid. Just like so many women are afraid they’ll “never find a man”, I’m unbelievably afraid I’ll “never find a job.”

And in my head I hear my father say things like, “a job is a job” and “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” But I must remember to hear my own voice and my own ambitions and intentions here. I am leaving Minneapolis to pursue the next opportunity – not the next paycheck. I am making Chicago my next conquest, not my next dead end.

So in the end, my “Don’t Settle” advice wasn’t just for single ladies…but for everyone. The moral of the story is to trust yourself and your abilities and the knowledge that you know what’s best for you and what you deserve. Trust and don’t settle, and you (or rather, I) will be fine.

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    Gina Marie

    I loved yesterday's post, and love this one even more. When I got my new job I wondered what I'd been so scared of.

    Props to you! Best of luck in the search


    Thank you for providing today's "A HA!" moment!!!

    I read yesterday's post and thought, "so well said, if only I could get everyone to read/understand/accept this post this world would be a better place." However, today it was me that needed the reading/understanding/accepting and for that I thank you.

    I have officially reached my glass ceiling at work and am on the job hunt. Unfortunately, I can see that I have gotten in the trap of thinking "I'll take anything, I just need to get out of here w/o being unemployed." And, unfortunately, after being told two weeks ago that I am not qualified to move on (b/c, yes, I'm a woman) my self-worth has been shot to he$$ thankyouverymuch.

    And, like you, I have a slew of less than stellar choices waiting to have resumes sent out and you just provided me with the obvious sign as to why I've been avoiding replying to these, because they are levels below where I am and I would simply settle to take them.

    So, with all of that said, I am off to re-evaluate my choices, think better of myself and not settle! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    jessical50 at hotmail dot com

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