Dress to Impress: Job Interview Style Tips

Posted October 30, 2013 by Guest Writer in Building Your Brand
You found the perfect job, and now it’s time to nail the interview! You only have one chance to make a fantastic first impression at an interview. Style speaks volumes before you’ve said a word. Looking put-together and polished the moment you arrive means the difference between making an entrance and being overlooked.

The confidence and poise gained from knowing you look your best can set you apart from the competition. Here are a few tried and tested interview style tips that will help you make a lasting first impression.


  1. Anticipate what your interviewer will likely wear and dress to the same level. If you are interviewing at a more conservative company with traditional dress codes, opt for a stylish suit. And if you’re going for a more creative-type job, something more modern and chic will help you stand out.Try pairing a pencil skirt with eye-catching details—like front zips— and a printed blouse layered with a lightweight women’s cardigan. Taking a little extra time to prepare your outfit in advance is well worth the effort. Not only will it relieve some of the stress,  planning your outfit ahead of time is a great way to ensure you’ll  fit right in when you show up (early!) for the interview.
  2. Avoid loud patterns and overly bright colors. You want the focus to be on your skills and the conversation, so stick with neutral pieces for a put-together, professional look. When you go for a print, consider something low-key and not too distracting such as a subtle pinstripe blazer or neutral plaid women’s suit pants.
  3. A structured blazer is a tried-and-true interview option. Whether you are trying to score a creative internship at a new start-up or negotiating an executive level position, a blazer looks professional, stylish and polished. Good fit is key, so make sure your blazer fits you well through the chest and shoulders.
  4. Consider your accessory choice. Opt for simple jewelry and comfortable shoes. A neutral handbag or briefcase is professional and also keeps you organized. Bonus points for choosing a chic leather file folder for important documents such as your resume (always bring a hard copy just to be on the safe side).
  5. Be comfortable, be confident. Make sure everything you plan to wear fits properly and comfortably when you’re sitting and standing. When you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll be more at ease during the interview, which will help you appear every bit the cool, confident and capable professional you are.

A job interview is a stressful but rewarding experience that presents both opportunity and challenge. A polished, professional style will help you face (and conquer) the interview intimidation factor perfectly while showing your confidence and professionalism. Even if you don’t get the job, there’s so much you’ll gain from the experience.

For more advice on what to wear to your next interview, share your concerns and questions in the comments!

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