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3 Reasons to Attend a Lean In Event

Posted April 6, 2014 by Hillary Wright in Networking Buzz
The Sheryl Sandberg authored phenomenon, Lean In finally made its way to the Bluegrass state, when a group of Louisville, Kentucky professional women decided to host a Lean In Kickoff Event. I attended the sold out event with a colleague, and my expectations were definitely exceeded. Complete with speakers, panel discussions, and a final breaking into circles based on location, I left in awe of the number of women embracing Sandberg’s concepts, who were bursting with theories and ideas.

Here are my top 3 reasons why every woman needs to experience “lean in”

  • The networking is AMAZING: The event I attended in Louisville was not only sold out, but more tables had to be set up to accommodate extra visitors. I met and shook hands with numerous women at all different levels in their careers: some in their senior year of college, some just getting started after college, and others who’d been in the game for a while. Business cards were flying in my purse every minute and I didn’t hesitate to hand mine out. One connection even turned into a freelance opportunity for me.
  • The inspiration will have you glowing: Everyone had a different but inspiring story of how they ended up in the career they’re in. Many women talked about their journey to today. Others talked about how reading Lean In had changed their work lives and their marriages for the better. There was an unbelievable amount of female entrepreneurs that I met. Talking to these women were some of the best conversations I’d ever had. They demonstrated to me that anything is possible with hard work and persistence.
  • The overwhelming sense of sisterhood and female bonding: These women came from different backgrounds, different careers and different familial situations. But they were all there for the same reason: they found Sheryl Sandberg’s advice incredible, as I did. Over hors d’oeuvres and wine, we could relate to each other’s situation in one way or another, and if we couldn’t, we sure sympathized anyway. Thus, as women working for the progression of women, we bonded. By the time the event ended and we had divided into actual Lean In circles, I had made not only connections, but acquaintances and friends.

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Hillary Wright

Hillary C. Wright is a legal assistant the law firm of Mattingly & Nally-Martin, PLLC in Lebanon, Kentucky. She is also a freelance writer who has written for several publications including Glass Heel. Hillary graduated from Campbellsville University in 2010 with a bachelor of science in Mass Communications (Public Relations emphasis) and a 2nd major in English. She writes about career advice and women and gender issues. She lives in Springfield, Kentucky. You can contact her at hcamillewright@gmail.com or on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.