Exercise Coupled With Wellness is Key to Maintaining Work & Life Balance

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We all have friends and family that tell us, “You do to much, you need to slow down,” or ask, “How can you work so much, do you even have a life?” As you try to refrain from rolling your eyes, you think, “What do they know?” For some of us, slowing down isn’t an option. The flipside, however, is that being too busy for too long can result in health problems, missed time with children and angry spouses. Take charge of your daily wellness routine to help you get a fresh perspective on building balance into your busy lifestyle.


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Beat fatigue before it beats you

The growing field of personalized lifestyle medicine warns against burning the candle at both ends for too long. When those levels of cortisol are flying high all week long, week after week, sometimes the body adapts by keeping the switch turned on. When cortisol levels reach an imbalanced state, they can leave you feeling amped up when you should be heading to bed, and tired and groggy in the morning when you need to be at your most aware. With adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues being two of the top health concerns that busy, career-oriented women often suffer from, there’s no better time to get grounded and cool the flame.

  • Meditate – You don’t have to be a monk these days to build a personal practice of meditation. Each day, spend 10-15 minutes quietly practicing deep breathing while you allow your body to fully relax. If sitting still isn’t your thing, not to worry, walking meditations are just as rejuvenating and calming for the nervous system, according to recent research. How-to-meditate.org is a resource that offers several different types of meditation to support anyone’s needs.
  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day – Fatigue can be a result of decreased digestive motility and slowed physiological activity. Adequate water intake throughout the day can stave off tension headaches, boost digestion and balance immunity.
  • Supplement – Take supplements beneficial for restoring brain vitality and to help stave off stress and anxiety such as omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and B vitamins. A study that focused on regular use of B vitamins related to workplace stress showed they have promising effects on reducing overall occupational stress.

The yin and yang of it all

Ever get to Saturday after a full week of power yoga classes only to still feel wiped out? While robust workouts can help burn calories, they sometimes lack the more restorative side that your body needs to find balance. Try a combination of:

  • Vinyasa – This style of yoga consists of a series of poses that you will be asked to move through on either an exhale or an inhale.
  • Yin restorative – A more traditional form, you will hold each pose, building core strength while expanding mental clarity and relaxation.

If you’re looking for a way to maximize time with the kids, bring them to yoga. Many studios now offer family-based classes. Even the most career-driven women who can’t get away from the office can access exercise: Gaiam TV videos offer a wide array of workouts to choose from.

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