Fall in Love with Your Brand Like You Fall in Love with Your Spouse

Posted June 12, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand

 It seems, this week, everyone is talking about love and branding, and the combination of the two. Our friends over at Entrepreneur.com published the article “Would You Date Your Brand?” and the folks over at BusinessGrow.com shared with us “7 Personal Branding Lessons You Learn by Falling in Love.”

It might seem like a strange combination, but both of these articles point out that to be an effective brand personally and professionally, you have to have the same ingredients it takes to fall in love. The Entrepreneur.com article says:

With some 40 million people now using online dating sites, finding love online is about as competitive as finding brand followers in the marketing world. Both need to overcome the obstacle of “choice overload,” a term Lizzie Crocker and Abby Haglage use when presenting “The New Rules of Online Dating,” which could just as easily serve as a guide to brand-building in 2013.

Among the requirements they cite are individuality, honesty, guts, confidence, personality and distinction. And the cardinal rule, which they attribute to OKCupid co-founder Christian Rudder, is to be “really, really hot.” In other words, to gain attraction, singles and brand-builders alike need to turn heads by standing out in a way that makes an immediate and positive impression on those in their target audience.

And once you establish a good connection, whether you’re building a brand or looking for love, the new rules require that you “get offline as quickly as possible” in order to move the relationship out of the competitive arena and into the relationship-development phase.

So true, right? And even more than branding yourself like you would if you were online dating, you have to learn to fall in love with your own brand before anyone else can love it right along with you. BusinessGrow.com, for instance, points out the need for passion in your branding.
Passion is necessaryIf Love and Personal Branding were books, then ‘Deepest Passion’ would be the Prologue and ‘Joy’ would be the Epilogue. Love and branding can start with falling in love but the challenge is all about staying in love. Your friends/followers/connections must stay in love with you and your core values to support you in your journey. In fact, you can continue to offer value as a lover or brand, only if your passion is deep and inexhaustible.

How are you falling in love today with your brand? Because only after you love it will others love it, too!

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